Emprendedores que pisan fuerte en Nueva York 18 JUN 2013

No son pocos los españoles que han decidido cruzar el charco para probar suerte en la Gran Manzana, persiguiendo el sueño americano. La moda, la tecnología o la restauración son solo algunos de los campos en los que destacan. Go to Article!

Spain's Startups Leave For Venture Capital 21 APR 2013

The number of new businesses created in Spain annually has dropped by almost 100,000 over the past six years, to 334,516 in 2012 from 426,321 in 2007, according to the National Statistics Institute. Go to Article!

7 Ways to Enjoy SXSW from Near of Afar 13 MAR 2013

Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, we found six great ways to keep tabs on what’s going on in Austin, whether you’re stranded at home, or are actually there — because, as we know too well, even if your at SXSW, you’re always missing something. It’s just the nature of the beast Go to Article!

How To Enjoy SXSW When You're Not There 13 MAR 2013

If you’re not at SXSW – and let’s face it, most of us aren’t – there are still ways to enjoy the music and showcases without actually being in Austin. Here are just a few of the things you can enjoy live, thanks to modern technology. Go to Article!

Attend SXSW Without Ever Leaving the Office 09 MAR 2013

SXSW is taking place this week and I am super excited to be attending...spiritually and digitally. For all of those who also are unable to physically attend the festivities this year, I’ve assembled a list of three great ways to avoid getting caught up in all the social media noise while staying in the loop secondhand: Go to Article!

Can't make SXSW? Here are the best apps to pretend 06 MAR 2013

Another SXSW, another week of chaos parties, conferences, and sleep deprivation. If you weren't able to pony up for a ticket, though, there are still ways to catch up on what's going on in real-time. Go to Article!

Pixable App 21 FEB 2013

Awesome to see "only" photos from Twitter, Facebook, and all the other social media! Plus free!Go to Article!

Pixable -Pick the best pictures for you 19 FEB 2013

Photos personalized just for you Go to Article!

Navigation Inspiration For Mobile User Interfaces 13 FEB 2013

Navigation is an important part of every user interface, whether it is for a website or for a mobile app. This may come in many forms and styles, horizontal, vertical, maybe minimalistic or highly detailed and graphical. Go to Article!

Pixable: pour voir toutes les photos et vidéos 06 FEB 2013

Cet outil vous permetter de consulter tous les nouveaux clichés et vidéos issus de vos réseaux Go to Article!

Let's connect 03 FEB 2013

Your activity on social networks - what you like, what you share, what you comment on, who you follow - is a good indication of your interests. Prismatic takes this data and creates a personalized web page with news that you would be interested in. Go to Article!

The 12 Best Photo Applications For Smartphones 25 JAN 2013

We've rounded up our 12 favorite photo apps for your smartphone ? to help you capture, edit and share that steaming bowl of ramen you will most certainly want to take a photo of this weekend. Go to Article!

Apps to extend the functionality of social network 13 JAN 2013

More than half of the world Facebook users are the users already on the road, uploading photos, virtual checked in locations. Here are five apps that extend the functionality of social networks. Go to Article!

Pixable: App Review und Test auf 08 JAN 2013

Die Applikation Pixable sorgt nach der Eingabe eurer Daten des Sozialen Netzwerks Facebook dafür, dass die besten Bilder eurer eigenen Freunde in einem tollen Foto-Stream angezeigt werden. Go to Article!

Welchen Mehrwert der Foto-Organisator Pixable 05 JAN 2013

Januar hat Facebook eine bemerkenswerte Neuerung für seine Messenger-App vorgestellt: Mit der Option, Sprachnachrichten via Messenger zu versenden bringt das Netzwerk erstmals eine echte Zusatzfunktion auf eine seiner Apps. Go to Article!

Pixable - Experience whole new world of Facebook 02 JAN 2013

Easy browsing. Don't ever miss a thing! Go to Article!

A review of key technology news from Asia in 2012 01 JAN 2013

The most important technology news from 2012 Go to Article!


Best Google Chrome Extensions for Photographers 31 DEC 2012

There are no shortage of extensions and apps for Google Chrome ? but which of them are any good for shutterbugs? Go to Article!

Social Photo Overload Is the Pixable Advantage 04 DEC 2012

Pixable CEO Inaki Berenguer discusses a new way to organize your photos. He speaks with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's Money Moves. Go to Article!

Best Photography Apps for Smartphones 03 DEC 2012

We live in a wonderful digital age where the ability to capture life's memories are at our fingertips. Smartphones have made making memories and even having some fun with them as easy as the touch of a button. Go to Article!

The 25 best photo and video apps 07 OCT 2012

There are lots of apps that can enhance your smartphone photgraphy. Here are a few of our favourites. Pixable... Go to Article!

Pixable Gets An Image-Centric Redesign 28 SEP 2012

A little more than a week after announcing its acquisition by telecom giant SingTel, Pixable is releasing a substantially redesigned version of its iPhone photo aggregation app. Go to Article!

Pixable CEO, Inaki, included in Bloomberg Roundup 25 SEP 2012

Pixable, a provider of social photo-sharing technology founded by three MIT alums including Chief Executive Officer Inaki Berenguer, a 2009 Sloan School of Management graduate, was recently sold to Singapore Telecommunications for $26.5 million Go to Article!

SingTel acquires New York's smart photo aggregator 24 SEP 2012

SingTel today announced that it has acquired 100% of New York City-based Pixable for USD26.5M. The company is known for its smartphone app that prioritises photos on social networks for consumers. Go to Article!

SingTel acquires social photo aggregation service 24 SEP 2012

The increasing penetration of smart devices and rise of social networks have led to an explosive growth of web photos, with the average person now having access to hundreds of thousands of photos in their network, SingTel says. "For many, it is an ongoing struggle to keep up so they do not miss the important photos and moments in the lives of their family and friends." Go to Article!

El gigante asiatico SingTel compra Pixable 24 SEP 2012

En la oficina de Pixable, situada en el SoHo neoyorquino, corre de todo menos champagne. "Celebracion? Que va! Ayer estuvimos hasta las cuatro de la madrugada con la actualizacion al iPhone 5", dice Inaki Berenguer riendose al telefono. Go to Article!

Social Photo Aggregator Pixable Acquired 23 SEP 2012

Social photo aggregation service Pixable has been acquired by Singaporean telecommunications company SingTel for $26.5 million. The service helps in photo browsing and discovery by aggregating photographs from your various social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flicker) and using a special ranking system to only show you the interesting images. Go to Article!

SingTel snaps up Pixable 21 SEP 2012

SingTel said yesterday it has agreed to acquire United States social photo aggregation and discovery platform Pixable for US$26.5 million (S$32.4 million), as part of moves to expand revenue stream and tap opportunities in an increasingly image-centric digital world. Go to Article!

SingTel's focus on future with Pixable 21 SEP 2012

OPTUS parent Singapore Telecommunications has snapped up another emerging app developer as the multinational telco giant continues to build out its own ecosystem of applications and content, The Australian's Mitchell Bingemann reports. Go to Article!

SingTel gets app happy with Pixable 21 SEP 2012

The acquisitive hand of SingTel has reached out to the US to buy smartphone happy snap app Pixable for US$26.5 million. Go to Article!

Pixable Picked Up By SingTel for $26.5M 20 SEP 2012

The New York-based startup Pixable, a provider of social photo sharing technology, is being acquired by Singapore Telecommunications for $26.5 million. Go to Article!

SingTel picks up social startup Pixable for $26.5M 20 SEP 2012

SingTel has announced this morning that it will acquire New York-based photo sharing company Pixable for US$26.5 million as part of the company's Digital Life division. The photo aggregation service, which looks like a cross between Instagram and Pinterest, was launched in 2009 by two former Microsoft employees, and now boasts more than 4 million users accessing the service through iOS and Android apps and through its website. Go to Article!

SingTel buys social photo service Pixable 20 SEP 2012

SingTel this morning announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire 100 per cent of Pixable Inc for US$26.5 million (S$32.4 million). The company is known for its smartphone app that prioritises photos on social networks for consumers. Go to Article!

SingTel buys US photo app maker Pixable for $26.5m 20 SEP 2012

SingTel will be acquiring United States-based photo search and aggregation smartphone app maker Pixable for US$26.5 million (S$32.4 million). This follows the telco's expansion outside of its telecom business and into territories dominated by the likes of Google earlier in the year. Go to Article!

SingTel snaps up "mobile photo inbox" app Pixable 20 SEP 2012

It's been a week since SingTel reemphasised its commitment to further its mobile content push, and the Singapore-based telecom giant has continued its acquisition spree after laying down $26.5 million to acquire Pixable, a New York-based "mobile photo inbox" app with more than 4 million users. Go to Article!

Say Cheeeeese: SingTel Acquires Photo App Pixable 20 SEP 2012

SingTel will be acquiring United States-based photo search and aggregation smartphone app maker Pixable for US$26.5 million (S$32.4 million). This follows the telco's expansion outside of its telecom business and into territories dominated by the likes of Google earlier in the year. Go to Article!

SingTel buys sticky photo aggregator for $26.5M 19 SEP 2012

SingTel is buying social photo aggregator Pixable for $26.5 million. The New York City startup had more than 4 million downloads of its app, which used smart algorithms to help surface the most relevant pictures for users. Go to Article!

SingTel Acquires Social Photo Aggregator 19 SEP 2012

Singaporean telecommunications giant SingTel has acquired intelligent, social photo aggregator Pixable for $26.5 million. The company develops sleek social photo creation, aggregation, and categorization tools. Go to Article!

SingTel Acquires Social Photo App Pixable 19 SEP 2012

Singaporean telecommunications company SingTel has acquired social photo app Pixable for $26.5 million. Pixable aggregates photos and videos shared by friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Founded in 2009, SingTel will offer Pixable to its 462 million mobile customers in Asia and Africa, and as part of its cloud services in Singapore and Australia. Go to Article!

A Timeline of the Photograph 28 AUG 2012

What does a photograph mean to you today? Maybe an Instagram pic shot with your iPhone. Or a Facebook group photo taken with a point and shoot. Or if you're fancy, a DSLR-taken, Flickr-uploaded portrait. But what was it before? Go to Article!

Blogger Swiss Miss Loves Pixable 17 AUG 2012

I am so happy to have discovered Pixable: It aggregates photos and videos shared by my friends on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Think of it as your unified photo inbox. Go to Article!

Pixable: Your Life's Photos in One Place 31 JUL 2012

Everyone loves sharing and looking at photos. Referred to as "The Photo Inbox", Pixable lets you do just that in half the time. The app links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Drive. The design is clean and simple which allows for distraction-free photo browsing. Photos can be shared via Twitter,Facebook, SMS and Email. Its biggest selling point is convenience. It saves you time and energy by bringing you relevant photos that you care about. With its clean modern design, and simple controls its a great alternative for viewing and sharing photos. Go to Article!

Cooliris Brings Its 3D Photo Wall To iPad! 26 JUL 2012

Cooliris has introduced a tool in its new app that aggregates photos from various online photo services and local photos, and allows you to view them all within one interface. This is not a new idea, to be clear. There are startups that do this today - Pixable, comes to mind for example, as one of the more notable names in this space. Go to Article!

Pixable Launches Android App 24 JUL 2012

Pixable has done a pretty good job of helping its iOS users sort through the thousands of photos shared across their social networks. The android app has been in public beta for around six weeks, but today the full release version of the app is available on Google Play. The app aggregates photos from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google Drive.With the various social integrations, users can retweet, favorite, and reply to photo-based tweets directly from within the app. The app is also integrated with your Google Drive account, allowing you to sort through your photos on the the cloud-based storage service.Go to Article!

Best Apps for Digital Photo Exhibitions 01 JUL 2012

Pixable organizes your photo stream by placing it into categories. You can look at the most popular photos of the day, week and month(based on likes and comments), mobile uploads, cover photos and profile pictures in one place, and even receive notifications when specific friends are tagged or upload a new photo. Go to Article!

See Pride Photos From Around the World 26 JUN 2012

"Facebook might have paid $1 billion for Instagram, but Pixable just made it priceless. The new photo inbox app collects pictures from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and then delivers them to your phone or into a live online slideshow based on what's most relevant." Check out this slideshow which takes everything with the #pride and sorts it based on relevance and popularity. Go to Article!

Badass Web Developer builds Pixable's Android App 07 JUN 2012

Pixable, the iPhone photo sharing app that is 3 million users strong, is now available for Android. However, instead of building the app in-house Pixable acq-hired an independent developer who was able to create it in just three weeks. Juan Carlos Viota of Spain, the winner of the 2009 Android Developer Challenge, requested access to the sites API to build an independent version for Android. When the app was complete Pixable liked it so much that they hired him and made it the official Android App.. Go to Article!

App Genius Develops Pixable for Android 07 JUN 2012

Pixable, the previously iPhone only app announced it would be available for Android last Thursday. Inaki Berenguer, the co-owner of the four-year old social media app says while they hoped to release an Android app,The reality is that it was in the road map but we didnt feel any urgency to build it right now." Enters Juan Carlos Viota of Spain was able to design the app in three weeks! He will be joining the Pixable team in New York. Go to Article!

The Post Comparing Facebook Camera app to Pixable 03 JUN 2012

Facebook has released a competitor to Instagram - you know, the company that it bought for $1 billion? - that allows users to add filters to their smartphone snaps. The app is also a great Facebook picture viewer, similar to Pixable, that organizes the photos in your news feed. Go to Article!

The Idea is Not That Important for Entrepeneurs 30 MAY 2012

"A lot of people think the most important part of forming a business is the idea, but it's actually the least important."Says Pixable CEO Inaki Berenguer." Berenguer says that you don't have to have the best idea from the very beginning, because if you start with the wrong idea, you can modify this over time. Whatever you choose, you need to find something you're passionate about, because Berenguer says you'll be spending the majority of your time working on it for at least the next five-to-seven years." Go to Article!

Facebook Rumored to be Eyeing Mobile Acquisitions 29 MAY 2012

Mobile has recently become a la rger concern for Facebook, following the world's rapid shift to mobile browsing.Facebook recently released its own iOS app for photo-sharing, that allows you to add filters to your photos.The app also presents photos just from your news feed, similar to the Pixable app. Go to Article!

Link Between Facebook Profile Pictures and Culture 28 MAY 2012

A new study shows that culture is a big determinant when choosing a Facebook profile picture says Research Digest. Last year they looked into a study that Pixable conducted that analyzed trends based on gender and user interaction, determining that women change their profile pictures more often then men. Go to Article!

The Game Mechanics of Customer Loyalty 25 MAY 2012

Start-ups are increasingly struggling to compete in crowded markets. Therefore they must distinguish themselves by building up their customer loyalty and engagement. The first step in this process is to "Define the Grind". Choose an easily definable action for your customers to repeat such as checking in or tweeting. Repeating these actions is known as "the grind". Multiple grinds occur within applications such as Pixable or Instagram where users view and comment on photos. Go to Article!

Geoloqi Makes it Easier to Make Apps Smarter 22 MAY 2012

Geoloqi CEO Amber Case proclaimed that the mobile phone will become a "remote control for reality" with people as metaphorical buttons. Apps like Pixable are part of this mobile browsing movement. Pixable aggregates your photos from multiple social networks, allowing you to categorize and edit them. The hashtag feature allows you to search by topic or keyword. Go to Article!

Facebook Could Shift Mobile Apps Landscape 14 MAY 2012

"Facebook's new App Center could help make branded mobile applications more discoverable and in turn more lucrative to build, according to industry players. Loren Appin, director of marketing for Pixable, said the data he's seen shows that Facebook already affects how many downloads occur in the Apple app store. For instance, he said, apps that integrate with the Facebook API get discovered at a higher clip than ones that do not because of the extra impressions rendered in users' news feeds. Appin said Viddy and Spotify were examples of successful API-integrated apps."Go to Article!

Pixable Introduces Twitter Integration 12 MAY 2012

Pixable, the renowned photo sharing app, reported the integration of Twitter in its service today . Millions of images and videos are shared each day on Twitter, but discovering and viewing them is extremely difficult, claims Inaki Berenguer, CEO & Founder of Pixable. They're shared from different sources, buried under unending tweets, and concealed behind links."There's currently no way to browse the photographs and videos shared by your friends." After connecting their Twitter account to Pixable users can skim a feed of pictures and videos their friends on Twitter have shared. Go to Article!

Pixable featured on PBS' Nightly Business Report 04 MAY 2012

"Armine Guledjian likes to go on Facebook, but there's another site she visits as often. It's called Pixable and it allows her to see all her friends' photos at one time instead of jumping from profile to profile." "It brings everything kind of together, right, so especially because I travel so much, I get to se what my friends and family are doing. " Go to Article!

Pixable..The Evolution of Photo Sharing 04 MAY 2012

Pixable takes photo sharing to the next level. Pixable aggregates photos from different services such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr and then uses a software algorithm to put the most relevant photos first.Go to Article!

Social Networks that are Picture Perfect 20 APR 2012

Photos are becoming a popular online medium, however due to the high volume of pictures being uploade, discovering them is become increasingly more difficult. Pixable's iPhone, Ipad and web application aggregates your photos from different social networks, organizes them based on their relevance to you and displays them in tappable grids and swipeable full screen images. Go to Article!

Social networks that are picture perfect 19 APR 2012

Photos are proving more popular than video online - they are easier to record, improve and upload, and are quicker to absorb when scanning social streams. But discovering them all can be a problem and Pixable's iPhone, iPad and web apps help you keep better track of friends' pictures as they post. Go to Article!

Instagram is Not the Only Photo App in Town 16 APR 2012

Pixable aggregates users photos from their social media outlets making them viewable in a single app. People love Pixable because we bring all the photos their friends share to one place, and surface the ones that are most relevant to them,according to co-founder Andres Blank. Blank believes that the million dollar Instagram deal helps make Pixable a desirable investment in addition to providing incredible exposure for these photo sharing apps Go to Article!

Baseball Opening Day Documented On Social Networks 15 APR 2012

The opening of the 2012 Baseball Season saw more photos than ever before being shared through Instagram and Twitter. What were the best photos of the day? The photo sharing site Pixable, provided Mashable with access to feeds showing which Baseball Opening Day photos were gaining the most buzz and best capturing the magic of a new season. Go to Article!

Instagram and the Mobile Apps Charm 12 APR 2012

"If Instagram is a way to make photos look more elegant with filters to places like Facebook and Twitter, Pixable lets you take pictures that already are on these sites, make them more elegant and share them with other users of the application." Go to Article!

Never Miss a Facebook Photo with Pixable 12 APR 2012

"Now that Facebook has bought Instagram your friend feeds are likely to explode with images. That's why it's a great time to check out Pixable, a social photo viewer for iPhone and iPod Touch. Pixable works with your Facebook and Twitter accounts to display a feed of all of the most recent and most popular photos posted on your friend feeds, based on what you like and comment on." Go to Article!

Instagram's Sale Helps Other Photo Startups 11 APR 2012

When Facebook decided to acquire Instagram for a whopping $1 billion on Monday, the two companies weren't the only ones with reason to pop open a bottle of champagne. The acquisition has lent legitimacy to a whole genre of startups - photo-sharing apps - previously accused of being a fad. Go to Article!

8 Things Instagram Did Right 11 APR 2012

Instagram may not have been monetizing that data, but you can bet Facebook will. "Facebook is adding another crucial set of data points/edges to analyze people's activity online," says Pixable CEO Inaki Berenguer. Go to Article!

Instagram and the rise of photo apps 10 APR 2012

The Instagram acquisition shined a light on what's emerging as a nearly incontrovertible truth in tech circles: Mobile is the future of photography and the tools used to enhance and share phone-generated images have value that is only expected to climb. Go to Article!

Magazine Style Photo Viewing with Pixable 05 APR 2012

Pixable lays out your photos from your different social networks in a single-page, magazine style format."I will admit this: unless they are really well done and innovative, I am usually not too keen on aggregators that will typically combine Facebook, Twitter, and whatever other social networks into a stream. But there's something really attractive about Pixable; specifically, the focus on images and visuals, which makes it much more palatable and appealing."Go to Article!

Pixable: Browse Facebook Photos In Chrome 04 APR 2012

his is where Pixable, a Chrome extension, comes in handy. This smart tool organizes photos in a gorgeous way and lets you see all of them in one slick pop-up. The extension is fully customizable, and after you've connected your Facebook account with Pixable, it instantly pulls photos from Facebook feed and creates a photo stream that you can view right in the pop-up. Go to Article!

WTF is Pixable? 03 APR 2012

Founded in 2009 Pixable is the photo equivalent of the streaming site Pandora. Featured as one of the most cutting edge apps this year on SXSW, Pixable lets you share and discover while keeping you updated on all the photos which are relevant to you."Pixable represents everything that is great about the independent new media community."Go to Article!

The Future of Photo-Sharing Apps 02 APR 2012

Instagram isn't the only app capturing smartphone users' visual imaginations. Photo-sharing apps such as EyeEm, Piictu and each offer users opportunities to connect and organize visually and categorically in non-Instagram ways. Go to Article!

The Future of Photo Sharing Apps 02 APR 2012

Pixable, the photo inbox future, does a good job of filtering in images from your existing social networks including Facebook, Twitter,Flickr, Lomography and Instagram. Pixable does all the organizing and sorting for you providing you with a more customized and individualized viewing experience. Go to Article!

Mayor Bloomberg Brags about Pixable 27 MAR 2012

In today's New-York-City-is-the-best-place-in-the-universe news, Mike Bloomberg has for us the latest success story for the Big Apple: its small business start-ups. Go to Article!

Pinterest Design Spreading Like a Virus 22 MAR 2012

There are good reasons why more sites every day look like Pinterest. Some are intentionally built to mimic the site. Others ended up with the same design for different reasons... they say. Go to Article!

Twitter: A Great Platform For Instagram 16 MAR 2012

Twitter has been working hard over the last year to make photo sharing a core part of its product. Go to Article!

Booting Up: Twittergram Edition 16 MAR 2012

Between Twitter and Instagram, 63,000 photos were shared at SXSW, as Twitter continues to make photo sharing a core part of its product. Go to Article!

Financial Post Covers Pixable as Top SXSW App 14 MAR 2012

Pixable finds the best photos and videos posted to your social network, and puts them all in one place. It lets you browse content from your friends, and learns your preferences as you use it, so you only see the photos and videos relevant to you. Pixable can be viewed from the web, and is available from the App store. Go to Article!

Most Buzzed about Startups at SXSW 2012 14 MAR 2012

Other startups that made appearances in the top five mRank slots throughout the conference include peer-to-peer task marketplace Zaarly, a photo-viewing app called Pixable that curated the most popular photos of the conference, custom 3D-printing shop Shapeways and real-friends social network Path. Go to Article!

PC World References Pixable Infographic 14 MAR 2012

Pixable, a photo viewing aggregation service, has won praise for the smart way it organizes photos and orders them by relevancy for users. Now, we're seeing that users are catching on in a big way and have turned the iOS mobile app into a daily addiction. Go to Article!

SXSW 2012: Instagram's Android App Prototype 12 MAR 2012

Today at SXSW, Instagram's Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger told Alexia Tsotsis that an Android version of the app is coming "really soon." We've heard this for several months now, but it seems that the app is finally getting close to launch. Go to Article!

Clickz Highlights Pixable in the SXSW Roundup 09 MAR 2012

Other contenders for SXSW hype include Banjo, Pixable, Zaarly, LocalMind, and Sonar. Meeker from textPlus said marketers should view the conference's proverbial shiny new objects through the lens of regular consumers before buying into all of the industry-bubble chatter. Go to Article!

Pixable listed among SXSW break-out apps 09 MAR 2012

Other apps that are expected to break out this year, Mashable reported, include photo app Pixable, local-based Q&A app Localmind and Sonar, an app that uses public data from several different social networks Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and LinkedIn to tell you who's posting nearby. Go to Article!

Why Photo Inboxes Are The Future 07 MAR 2012

Last night, Zuckerberg liked Friendsheet on his Facebook profile. But he said nothing about Pixable, a Web service and app that wants to become your new photo inbox. That's probably because Pixable has plans that extend beyond just Facebook. Go to Article!

Pixable Featured in Essential SXSW Tech Tools 07 MAR 2012

During SXSW, Pixable will be showcasing shared Twitter and Instagram photos in a real-time updated stream, provided that the photo posts are tagged with #SXSW. Go to Article!

Pixable included in the SXSW Startup Rundown 07 MAR 2012

Pixable is going to SXSW with a special section dedicated to the interactive conference based on what's happening, where you should be and what's most popular "#SXSW Live Feed" is a real time stream of all #SXSW tagged photos on Instagram and Twitter and "#SXSW Popular" is a showcase of the most shared and liked pics. Go to Article!

Scoble covers Pixable! 06 MAR 2012

Pixable shows you your photos (and those from your friends) in a whole new way. I'm finding this really rocks. Here you see why. Watch the video!

Mashable names Pixable in 7 Hot Apps at SXSW 06 MAR 2012

Foursquare, Twitter and GroupMe all blew up at South by Southwest (SXSW), and every year, hordes of startups flock to the conference in hopes of adding their own names to that list. Go to Article!

Pixable Architecture - Analyzing & Ranking Photos 21 FEB 2012

Pixable aggregates photos from across your different social networks and finds the best ones so you never miss an important moment. That means currently processing the metadata of more than 20 million new photos per day: crawling, analyzing, ranking, and sorting them along with the other 5+ billion that are already stored in our database. Go to Article!

Facebook Timeline: Consuming vs. Creating 17 FEB 2012

I've been meaning to write about Pixable, an excellent mobile app for keeping up with Facebook images on your iPhone or iPad. Unlike Facebook's own mobile app, which I find slow, complicated, and crash-prone, Pixable lets you dive into your social photo stream in a snap, see what friends are posting, and get out fast.Go to Article!

Users Viewing 100M Photos/Month, Pixable Hashtags 16 FEB 2012

Since its name began appearing on blogs and in media early last year, and launched officially at DEMO in March, Pixable has been able to sustain that buzz - no easy feat in a world saturated with photo apps. Go to Article!

Pixable Brings the Hashtag to Facebook Photos 16 FEB 2012

Photo-sorting app Pixable is bringing the Twitter-style hashtag to Facebook photos. A new Facebook Timeline integration will show activity on the app within modules on user timelines. Go to Article!

12 More Outlets Join Facebook's Media App Virality 16 FEB 2012

There's a referral traffic goldmine on Facebook, and today 13 more news outlets are staking their claim. The Daily Show, MSNBC, Buzzfeed, and The Huffington Post are launching Facebook Open Graph reader and video watching apps today or soon, Facebook just announced. Go to Article!

Facebook Adds 12 New Media Apps 16 FEB 2012

Facebook launched its latest wave of media apps built with Open Graph Thursday, including a Mashable app. The media apps - joining veterans such as The Guardian's social news app and Washington Post Social Reader - are a platform for users to discover and share content. Go to Article!

Facebook adds 12 media apps to its Timeline roster 16 FEB 2012

Love 'em or hate 'em, Facebook's timeline apps seem to be here to stay. After news yesterday of Open Graph driving astounding amounts of traffic, Facebook announced today that 12 more media properties would be adding apps to Facebook's timeline. Go to Article!

Pixable Prioritizes Your Social Media Photos 06 FEB 2012

Humans are visual creatures. Which is one of the reasons why social networking services like Pinterest, Instagram, Foodspotting and others are doing so well. The problem is physically going to each and every one of them to actually view the images. Go to Article!

Pixable turns photo viewing into a daily addiction 29 JAN 2012

Pixable, a photo viewing aggregation service, has won praise for the smart way it organizes photos and orders them by relevancy for users. Now, we're seeing that users are catching on in a big way and have turned the iOS mobile app into a daily addiction. Go to Article!


Pixable's growth continues! Ranked #8 in growth. 23 NOV 2011

Several horoscope applications, quizzes and dating apps, photos, profile banners, Spotify and more made this week's list of growing apps by daily active users. The titles below grew from between 110,000 and 6 million DAU, based on AppData, our data tracking service covering growth for apps on Facebook. Go to Article!

Pixable listed again as a Top 20 Emerging App 04 NOV 2011

Photo applications were popular on our list of emerging apps by monthly active users this week. There were also horoscopes, a few brand apps, a Halloween app and the Washington Post Social Reader. Go to Article!

Pixable mentioned in The Jakarta Post 01 NOV 2011

Suddenly, everyone is a pro at photography. You name it: entrepreneurs, movie stars, architects, doctors, students and housewives. Go to Article!

Evolution of Photosharing: Enhancing Social Media 31 OCT 2011

Long gone are the days of friends and family huddled over a photo album or box full of printouts. Social media sites like Facebook helped drive this switch but several other sites have cropped up that enhance photosharing abilities. Go to Article!

BBC's Pick of Top Apps & Websites 21 OCT 2011

Pixable extracts all the photos friends have posted on social networks and wraps them up in a single interface. See the video!

Pixable Highlighted as Incubator Success Story 10 OCT 2011

In terms of highlights, we love the story of Pixable. The Varick Street Incubator's first graduate company, Pixable, is a great group of immigrant entrepreneurs and MIT grads who create tools to share and categorize photography within social media. Go to Article!

Say Cheese: The Top 20 Facebook Photo Applications 06 OCT 2011

Photos are larger than they've been in years: page wall posts and news feeds show images in sizes not seen since the early days of Facebook. That's a smart move for Facebook, given how photos, especially with tagging, have helped drive the growth of the social network.Go to Article!

How to view Facebook photos with Pixable Photofeed 06 OCT 2011

I recently discovered a new Facebook photo-browsing app called Pixable. It's free and provides access to all of your friends' photo albums. Go to Article!

This Week's Top 20 Emerging Facebook Apps 30 SEP 2011

The Guardian newspaper's application was at the top of our list of emerging Facebook apps this week. There were also a significant number of photo apps, as well as animations...Go to Article!

'Pixable' app streamlines friends' Facebook photos 27 SEP 2011

If you're unhappy with the current photo setup on Facebook, here's an app that should make things easier. Pixable, an application designed by MIT students in 2009, takes the user's Facebook photo stream and kicks it up a notch. Go to Article!

Most talked about social media tools. 23 SEP 2011

The Next Web includes Pixable as a bonus link to the web's most talked about tools. Go to Article!

Pixable covered in cool websites and tools 19 SEP 2011

An awesome way to browse your social network photos. It puts your Facebook photos into various categories by ranking and time and displays them in an effortless way. Go to Article!

Pixable's iPhone app gets video 08 SEP 2011

Now, Pixable's iPhone app has received an update that makes it well worth a look if you're yet to try it. First up, you can now watch your friends' latest shared videos right in the app. Go to Article!

Techcrunch Japan on Pixable's Twitter integration 29 AUG 2011

Pixable, a startup that develops sleek social photo creation and categorization tools, is integrating images from Twitter into its intelligent social photo and video aggregation service today.Go to Article!

The Week's Top 20 Growing Facebook Apps 24 AUG 2011

Pixable's growth of 131,200 MAU is the best way to view Facebook photos; you can receive a daily photofeed, see top photos of the day, be notified of your friend's activity and more.Go to Article!

Pixable Adds Twitter To Smart Photo Aggregator 24 AUG 2011

Pixable, a startup that develops sleek social photo creation and categorization tools, is integrating images from Twitter into its intelligent social photo and video aggregation service today.Go to Article!

Pixable Turns Texty Twitter Into Stream of Photos 24 AUG 2011

Pixable already does a nice job of aggregating your friends photos and videos on Facebook. Now, it's stepping into an even more real-time domain by integrating Twitter into its code. Go to Article!

At Pixable, no filters, just pure photo magic 24 AUG 2011

Pixable CEO Inaki Berenguer looks out at the explosion of social photo sharing and sees a vision of the 1990s, when the growth of web pages were finally tamed by smart search engines like Google.Go to Article!

Pixable adds Twitter, videos to its photo-curator 24 AUG 2011

Pixable will add Twitter images and videos to its list of aggregated images. We were introduced to Pixable earlier this year, a site that ingeniously capitalizes on the overwhelming slew of photo-sharing platforms out there. Go to Article!

Pixable Filters Facebook Friends' Videos 11 AUG 2011

Lifehacker Japan highlights Pixable as a great way to filter your friends' photos and videos for the best content. Go to Article!

The Atlantic: The Evolution of Facebook's Photos 11 AUG 2011

Lifehacker Japan highlights Pixable as a great way to filter your friends' photos and videos for the best content. Go to Article!

Pixable is Featured on NPR's Takeaway 05 AUG 2011

NPR mentions Pixable in their feature "With Struggle to Create Jobs, Polytech Incubator Encourages Innovation" Go to Article!

Infographic: Facebook Photo History 05 AUG 2011

PC Mag features Pixable's infographic "Facebook Photos: A History" Go to Article!

A History Of Facebook Photos (INFOGRAPHIC) 02 AUG 2011

The Huffington Post covers Pixable's "Facebook Photos: A History" Go to Article!

Pixable Filters Photos and Videos 01 AUG 2011

Lifehacker highlights Pixable as a great way to filter your friends' photos and videos for the best content. Go to Article!

Do yow know about these 46 new apps? (Mexico) 29 JUL 2011

While finding reliable tools can be tedious and stressful, technology often makes your life easier. Pixable, for example, can reduce the time and energy spent searching for important photos and videos. Go to Article!

CNN names Pixable in its Useful Tech Tools 20 JUL 2011

"It's no secret that photos are by far the most-shared pieces of content of Facebook. To that end, it ain't easy keeping up with the piles of pics. This app for iPhone, iPad and Web pushes the most commented, tagged and shared pics to the top of your radar." Go to Article!

A Better Facebook Photo Feed with Pixable 20 JUL 2011

"Pixable makes it easier to view friends' photos, listing them by friend but also by category. You can see, for example, new profile pics, most popular pics of the month, photos from family, as well as photos that are popular on Flickr and Instagram. And now Pixable has added a new category and a new media type: videos. Pixable's categories distinguish between videos that friends have uploaded themselves (home movies 2.0, if you will) and those that they've shared (from YouTube and the like)." Go to Article!

Pixable makes it easier to find friends videos 20 JUL 2011

"Bit by bit, Pixable's app is becoming an essential alternative media browser for Facebook, presenting your friends' photos and now videos in a way that's much easier to consume than Facebook's own approach. An algorithm which the startup calls "WonderRank" learns what kinds of media you find most interesting and presents more media with those characteristics to you in the future." Go to Article!

Pixable Sorts Videos Your Friends Post on Facebook 20 JUL 2011

"Pixable's photo-sorting categories like "best of the week" or "family photos" operate in a similar manner. All comments, likes and other functions of a regular Facebook video are maintained. Browsing them just becomes a more streamlined process." Go to Article!

Pixable Adds Intelligent Video Discovery 20 JUL 2011

"What makes Pixable unique is the company's WonderRank technology, which sorts through a user's network to learn and find what has interested him in the past, and what might interest him now. The more you engage with Pixable, the "smarter" the app gets, and the better it serves your specific interests and preferences." Go to Article!

Gizmodo mentions Pixable 08 JUL 2011

Gizmodo names Pixable one of the Best Apps of the Week Go to Article!

Pixable Adds Timeline of Facebook Photos You Liked 07 JUL 2011

"Remember all of those photos that caught your eye in your Facebook news feed? Probably not. But startup Pixable wants to help change that. On Thursday, it added a "my likes & comments" category to its photo-sharing apps." Go to Article!

Pixable's 'Life Of A Facebook Photo' (Infographic) 28 JUN 2011

"Today Pixable, a startup that develops sleek social photo creation and categorization tools for Facebook and other photo sharing sites, is releasing its own photo sharing infographic focused on photo-sharing and the 'hard knock' life of a photo on Facebook." Go to Article!

Pixable is in Speed Geeking 14 JUN 2011

Speed Geeking is a high-energy event where startups and established tech companies that we've selected give quick presentations to conference attendees. Every five minutes attendees switch to a new startup. It's loud, it's a little chaotic and it's a lot of fun. Over the years Speed Geeking has become a fixture at ReadWriteWeb conferences, but this is the first year we've had so many international companies participating... And Pixable has been there! Go To The Article!

Hindustan Times 06 JUN 2011

"See me, like me! Over the years Facebook users, both male and female, have started changing their profile pictures more often. The magic number for Facebook profile picture uploads is 18 times per year in 2011, up from 6 at the beginning of 2006 and just under 12 at the beginning of 2009." Go To The Article!

New York Times 03 JUN 2011

The New York Times talks about Pixable as a player in the growing mobile-photo-sharing trend Go To The Article!

The Next Web writes about Pixable 01 JUN 2011

"Pixable CEO Inaki Berenguer writes that Twitter could potentially become the world?s public image directory. And he may be onto something, after all in the world of global microblogging, if an image that transcend languages really is worth a thousand words, than the 140 character cap was just blown off its top." Go To The Article!

Pixable gets a mention in Yahoo News 01 JUN 2011

"Number of photos that Facebook is project to host by summer's end, according to the Pixable photo sharing blog." Go To The Article!

The Atlantic: The Facebook Profile Photo 31 MAY 2011

"Facebook, that social network which has amassed a user base of about 700 million all over the world, is closing in on hosting 100 billion photographs. That number will explode in coming years if we believe that past trends will continue into the future -- and that's not even counting on continued expansion. Every year for the past few years, the number of profile photos posted per user has tripled." Go To The Article!

The Washington Post mentions Pixable 31 MAY 2011

"Not only is the site on track to have 700 million users, it's also expected to host 100 billion photos by the summer, according to the photo browser Pixable. The service analyzed the data of 100,000 Facebook users and estimates that 6 billion photos are uploaded to the site each month. In its latest analysis, Pixable found that women upload a new profile picture about once every two weeks, while men refresh their online profiles about once every three weeks." Go To The Article!

The changing faces of Facebook's women 31 MAY 2011

"The average female Facebook user uploads a new profile photo to her account every two weeks. Over the years Facebook users, both male and female, have started changing their profile pictures more often. Since 2006 the number of profile photos poster per user per year has tripled." Go To The Article!

You Probably Think This Facebook Post Is About You 31 MAY 2011

"How often do you change your Facebook photo - and how do you measure up against the rest of the world? Ok, this Facebook post is about you." Go To The Article!

The Independent writes about Pixable (UK) 31 MAY 2011

"Men typically update their profile photo less often on the social networking site, averaging one new profile image every three weeks, deduced photo discovery and image managing service Pixable after analyzing the profile pictures of its more than 500,000 users." Go To The Article!

10 Percent Of Facebook Photos Are Profile Pics 27 MAY 2011

"According to Pixable, 10 percent of all Facebook photos (which are expected to hit 100 billion photos downloaded this summer) are profile pictures. Women upload profile pics more often than men, with women uploading photos every two weeks compared to three weeks for men. And the number of profile photos uploaded per user has tripled since 2006. On average, the typical profile photo has 2 likes and 2 comments." Go to Article!

Mashable: Facebook Profile Photos By The Numbers 27 MAY 2011

"Facebook has the largest collection of photos on the web, and according to a recent analysis, about 10% of them are profile photos. Photo discovery app Pixable analyzed about 500,000 of its users' profiles to come up with some statistics about the photos we choose to represent ourselves." Go to Article!

The importance of Facebook profile photos 27 MAY 2011

"Just how important are Facebook profile photos? Very, it seems. Social photo app startup Pixable has pulled together this infographic showing (among other things) that every year we're changing our profile photos more often." Go to Article!

Truth Behind FB Profile Photos Reveals... 27 MAY 2011

"Even on Facebook, women fiddle with their appearance more than men. That's the takeaway from a study released May 27 by Pixable, developer of the Photofeed app for the Web, iPhone and iPad. Women change their Facebook profile picture every two weeks. For men, it's more like every three weeks." Go to Article!

10 Percent Of Facebook Photos Are Profile Pics 27 MAY 2011

"According to Pixable, 10 percent of all Facebook photos (which are expected to hit 100 billion photos downloaded this summer) are profile pictures. Women upload profile pics more often than men, with women uploading photos every two weeks compared to three weeks for men. While we know that Facebook is dominating the photo sharing space, it's interesting to see a deep data dive on profile pics, in particular." Go to Article!

Pixable is using new editing tools of Aviary 04 MAY 2011

"In the past, Aviary has created APIs for its suite of web-based media editors and embeddable photo editor. Photo startup Pixable, online store creator Shopify and photo diary Momentile are a few of the companies that use the tools to give their users photo editing options." Go to Article!

Pixable provides rich functionality with Aviary 04 MAY 2011

"Aviary has a variety of partners such as Pixable and HyperPublic. The Effects API can bulk-process users' photos behind the scenes. Effects API can auto-correct images, create watermarks and apply filters and effects." Go to Article!

Aviary's new photo API takes flight wih Pixable 04 MAY 2011

"Aviary is launching with new partners including Pixable. The new Effects API enables web and mobile app developers to process photos." Go to Article!

Mashable compares us with PicPlz, Instagram&Color 02 MAY 2011

"Perhaps we're seeing the second turn of the photo-ego phenomenon with Instagram, Picplz, Pixable, Path and now Color. The human desire to share mementos of life with close friends (or, in Color's case, complete strangers) is powerful and will always be the low hanging fruit for Internet products to pick." Go to Article!

How to document your life with Photo Apps 02 MAY 2011

"If you want to put your friend's photos into the mix, Pixable's Photofeed iPad app has a slideshow feature that can accomplish something similar with friend's Facebook photos, though the iPad will still go black after its normal sleep time. Photofeed browser, iPhone and iPad apps also allow you to follow photo updates from specific Facebook friends and sorts photos into categories like "most popular","family updates" and "new profile photos." Go to Article!

NYC: Make It Here With Pixable CEO I. Berenguer 02 MAY 2011

"From MIT to SoHo, Pixable is a New York City tech startup that enables users to manage their online photos with a powerful set of features centered around photo search, aggregation, editing, and photo-product creation. Pixable was founded in the summer of 2008 by three MIT graduate students with backgrounds in engineering, business, and computer science. Pixable was the first tenant to graduate from NYU-Poly and NYCEDC's 160 Varick Street Incubator and recently received $3.6 million in a new round of funding." Go to Video!

Inaki, our CEO, gets a mention in The Boston Globe 01 MAY 2011

How do we make Boston a more awesome place for young entrepreneurs with big ideas? Go to Article!

Xconomy Talks ABout Pixable 27 APR 2011

"One of Varick Street's success stories is Pixable, an online photo management startup that just last week raised $3.6 million in Series B funding from Menlo Ventures and Highland Capital Partners." Go to Article!

Pixable integrates for fun Facebook Photo Editing 27 APR 2011

"Pixable's PhotoFeed enhanced the way users could browse through Facebook photos, and today it got even better with the integration of Aviary's Feathery API." Go to Article!

TechCrunch: Pixable Raises $3.6 Million 22 APR 2011

"Pixable, a startup that develops sleek social photo creation and categorization tools, has raised $3.6 million in Series B funding led by Menlo Ventures. This brings Pixable's total funding to $6.6 million." Go to Article!

Yahoo Finance Reports Pixable Raises $3.6M 22 APR 2011

"Pixable Closes $3.6 Million Series B Financing. Funding Led by Menlo Ventures Along With Highland Capital Partners Coincides With 500,000 User Mark". Go to Article!

Photo discovery startup Pixable raises $3.6M 22 APR 2011

"Pixable, a New York City startup offering a new way to explore your friends' photos, just announced that it has raised $3.6 million in a second round of funding" Go to article!

Pixable gets a mention in The Wall Street Journal 22 APR 2011

"Pixable Inc. said it has raised a $3.6 million Series B round of funding to help its users aggregate and organize photos and videos from a variety of content-sharing sites across their networks. Menlo Ventures led the new funding." Go to article!

Pixable was mentioned in Inside Facebook 22 APR 2011

"Pixable, which created the Photofeed app that helps people discover their friends' photos, raised $3.6 million this week in a second round funding." Go to Article!

Xconomy writes about Pixable 22 APR 2011

"Pixable pulls in $3.6M more. Previous investor Highland Capital Partners also participated in the round. Pixable was founded in 2009 by three MIT alums including CEO Inaki Berenguer." Go to Article!

CNN mentions Pixable 13 APR 2011

"PicPlz, Pixable, Path and Color are among the other new apps generating buzz as they take advantage of the ever-increasing number of people worldwide with camera-enabled phones." Go to Article!

Mashable: Pixable Launches iPhone App 06 APR 2011

Mashable talks about our strategy that can still compete in such a crowded space: aggregating photos from other platforms. Go to Article!

TechCrunch raves Pixable's Smart iPhone App 06 APR 2011

"We've written about startup Pixable previously because of its sleek web photo creation and categorization tools. Earlier this year, the startup launched Photofeed, a Facebook app and companion iPad app which will sort and categorize your friends' Facebook photos. Today, Pixable is bringing Photofeed to the iPhone, and adding Flickr and Instagram to the mix." Go to Article!

Digital Trends:One photo app to aggregate them all 06 APR 2011

Photofeed doesn't have all the bells, whistles, and trendy filters other photo apps do, but it has one thing most of them don't: Convenience. Go to Article!

Pixable Wants To Be Your Online Photo Hub 06 APR 2011

It seems like everyone has a photo app now. But unless you sign up for them all, you're going to miss out on something. That's the gap the Photofeed iPhone app from Pixable attempts to fill. It aggregates photos from Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr into feeds so you can see the photos that matter most to you.Go to Article!

Pixable Sees Green in Online Photo Overload 06 APR 2011

Ever wish someone could cull the barrage of photos flying your way daily via Facebook and other sites for the highlights? Pixable unveils its solution today, a free iPhone app called Photofeed that is based on the premise that everyone faces image overload. Go to Article!

Pixable's smart app gets Instagram support 29 MAR 2011

We've raved about Pixable's "Photofeed app in the past in both its Facebook and iPad forms, thanks to its ability to surface the best Facebook photos from your friends and contacts that you might have missed. Now the iPad app has been updated to support Instagram."Go to Article!

Pixable takes flight at SXSW 14 MAR 2011

Almost 2,000 miles from New York, a posse of the city's tech entrepreneurs gathered Sunday at an SXSW offshoot to network, recruit and pitch investors over beer.And Pixable was there!Go to Article!

Pixable Takes Off At SXSW 14 MAR 2011

Many of New York's tech entrepreneurs are hoping to take off at South by Southwest Interactive. Already established companies, like Foursquare, are mingling with a fleet of brand-new startups. And Pixable was there!Go to Article!

How To Follow Mashable at SXSWi Via Social Media 13 MAR 2011

"Using Pixable's Photofeed, you can easily browse and find photos taken by our Mashable staff members in Austin. The service is available both as a Facebook plugin or through a new iPad app. You can even follow the Mashable category on the iPad app and get alerts when we've posted new photos."Go to Article!

Pixable Cofounders Discuss Photo Trends & Facebook 13 MAR 2011

"As people continue to use Facebook more and more, and picture-taking mobile devices become better and more common, the cofounders of Pixable predicted that photo overload could become an issue. Indeed, Pixable believes that finding a way of organizing pictures will be key, or else people will become overwhelmed by pictures of friends, favorite celebrities, and popular bands".Go to Video!

Photofeed: one of the latest MakeUseOf discoveries 11 MAR 2011

Photofeed is a free app so you can make use of it without spending a dime Go to Article!

SXSW Infographic Shows Why You Should Go 10 MAR 2011

A new infographic pictures of Pixable shows the big moments that have made South by Southwest Interactive a must-attend event for geeks. Go to Article!

Browse the Hottest Photos in Your Facebook Account 09 MAR 2011

"Most of us don't have time to watch Facebook all day for the cool photos that happen to show up in the news feed. This is where Pixable comes in really handy, by allowing you to view the pictures that matter the most to you, without wasting your time". Go to Article!

DEMO: Pixable makes social photo viewing easier 07 MAR 2011

Pixable lets you view social media photos (on Facebook, other sites) on your iPad quickly and easily. Go to Article!

NY's Pixable Has iPad App For Facebook Pictures 05 MAR 2011

"NY startup Pixable has brought out an iPad version of its Photofeed app, which lets users browse Facebook friends photos in new and interesting ways. Users can look at the photos by who posted them, but also look for popular photos for the day, week, month and for previous years." Go to Article!

NYC Big Apps Competition: Pixable is there! 05 MAR 2011

"Foursquare, Etsy, Meetup, and Second Market all sport Made In New York labels and there are countless others like Pixable and thehotlist that will soon become household names." Go to Article!

DEMO: Pixable is a New Social Startup to Watch 03 MAR 2011

"Pixable's WonderRank technology, which reminds me of Pandora's Music Genome, takes your friends' photos and analyzes the metadata associated with the photos (think "likes" and comments) to create combined and categorized viewing, as well as an easier way to rank and discover new photos." Go to Article!

Metacafe covers Pixable! 02 MAR 2011

Interview with Andres Blank of DEMO Spring 2011 demonstrator Pixable. Go to Article!

Pixable is a Favorite in DEMO 01 MAR 2011

Tech entrepreneurs made their way to California this week for DEMO, a conference that provides a platform for new startups to show off their products. At today's keynote presentation, a number of exciting new companies took stage -as did a number of duds. Pixable was there! Go to Article!

Pixable brings its personalized photo experience 01 MAR 2011

Pixable is one of 53 companies chosen by VentureBeat to launch at the DEMO Spring 2011 event taking place this week in Palm Desert, California. Pixable released its Photofeed Facebook application earlier this year, offering users a new way to explore their friends' photos. Now the company is bringing that experience to the iPad.Go to Article!

Rich DeMuro talks about Pixable 01 MAR 2011

"You never have to miss a great upload ever of Facebook pictures and you won't thanks Pixable"Go to Article!

NY Times highlights Pixables work at DEMO 01 MAR 2011

Antony Ha covers Pixable on VentureBeat "Photofeed is something different - a way to explore photos that have already been shared on Facebook.As the name suggests, Photofeed creates a feed of photos that's customized to your taste and connections. The company compares its WonderRank technology for photos to the movie recommendations found in Netflix or the personalized playlists in Pandora." Go to Article!

Use Your Ipad As a Digital Frame for Facebook Pics 28 FEB 2011

The app allows users to see all of their friends' photos without jumping from profile to profile, view photos deemed most popular by a proprietary algorithm, sort photos by categories like "family updates" and get updates when specific friends add or are tagged in new photos' all while maintaining Facebook "like" and comment functionality.Go to Article!

Take a Fresh Look at Your Friends' Photos 28 FEB 2011

Pixable's Photofeed app for Facebook is one of the smartest, best-looking ways of browsing your friend's photos. Now the New York startup has brought the experience to the iPad with a new app that has launched today.Go to Article!

Pixable, a club for growth 28 FEB 2011

After Bloomberg announced the hub's creation, applications poured in from hopefuls in social media, green energy, finance, new media. Each had to submit a description of their proposed business and a plan for getting it off the ground. The 33 winners moved in at the end of summer 2009. Since then, Varick's start-ups have raised $20 million in venture capital funding, and created more than 300 jobs. 'The incubator came at exactly the right time for us,' says Andres Blank of Pixable, a site that helps people scour the Internet for their photos and create photo books and other products.Go to Article!

Pixable Ports Photofeed Facebook App to iPad 28 FEB 2011

Social photo discovery service Pixable released its Photofeed Facebook app for the iPad. The app sorts Facebook's photos based on user-preference. With 6 billion pictures uploaded to Facebook every month, iPad owners don't have to worry about tediously thumbing through countless albums to find fun pics. Go to Article!

DEMO 2011: Pixable launches Photofeed for Ipad 28 FEB 2011

Andres Blank presents the app on Demo Spring Conference.Go to Video!

Differences b/w Men & Women on Facebook 17 FEB 2011

"How many photos do you have of yourself on Facebook? I just checked. I have 447. Yikes! That's more than the average, according to this analysis done by Pixable Photofeed" Go to Article!

ABC writes about Pixable (Spain) 16 FEB 2011

One of the most important newspapers in Spain talks about Pixable Infographic. Go to Article!

La Razon Analyzes Pixable Infographic (Spain) 16 FEB 2011

"'Guys prefer photos with girls, girls prefer photos with girls, pretty much everyone prefers photos with girls.'Go to Article!

Correo Peru Shares Pixable Infographic (Peru) 16 FEB 2011

Peruvian newspaper source writes about our interesting research. Go to Article!

La Gaceta Publishes Pixable Infograhic (Argentina) 16 FEB 2011

Argentinian newspaper talks about Pixable. Go to Article!

Europa Press likes Pixable Infographics (Spain) 16 FEB 2011

One of the main news agencies in Spain talks about Pixable. Go to Article!

Facebook Will Have 100 Billion Photos This Summer 16 FEB 2011

" Pixable, maker of a tool for organizing images on Facebook makes a great case for its product by pointing out that the social network will have 100 billion photos by this summer, based on current growth patterns."Go to Article!

Social Times Talks About Pixable Infographic 16 FEB 2011

Who's sharing photos and how many? When are people sharing and what types of photos do social networkers like the most? Social photo discovery engine Pixable teamed up with Harvard Professor Mikolaj Jan Piskorski to conduct a new study on user behavior with Facebook photos, in order to find the answers to these questions and more.Go to Article!

Metro Montreal covers Pixable! (Canada) 15 FEB 2011

Canadian news source in French features information found in the Pixable infographic on photos! Go to Article!

Yahoo! Taiwan shows readers how to use Photofeed! 15 FEB 2011

Taiwanese news source part of the Yahoo! family features a Pixable Photofeed tutorial! Go to Article!

What do you know about Facebook Pictures? 15 FEB 2011

MuyInternet discusses Pixable Infographic Go to Article!

Bitelia shows Pixable Infographics 15 FEB 2011

"This success is due to three factors: the popularity of Facebook itself, viral and appeal that brings labeling" Go to Article!

Mashable features Pixable Infographic! 14 FEB 2011

"Photo organizing Facebook app Pixable has used data from a sample of 100,000 of its users to give some insight into the contents of Facebooks huge photo collection." Go to Infographic!

Edudemic writes about the new Pixable infographic! 14 FEB 2011

"Women upload twice as many photos as men which Mashable says might be good for everybody, as recent research suggests photos with women in them are generally preferred." Go to Article!

Programmable Web Acknowledges Pixables Popularity! 04 FEB 2011

"Photofeed, which describes itself as a free, fun and unique way to discover and explore trending Facebook photos has just managed to get itself 100,000 users in 10 days and the number is still rising." Go to Article!

Undernews just simply loves Pixable! (Spain) 04 FEB 2011

Spanish news source writes about all things Pixable! Go to Article!

TheNextWeb raves about Pixable Photofeed! 22 JAN 2011

"Facebook's API allows developers to present our friends' photos in all sorts of new ways, and one of the best we've found is Pixable's Photofeed app." Go to Article!

Bloomberg highlights Pixable in City Address! 19 JAN 2011

"Pixable is a photo management web site that was the first company to graduate from the small business incubator we started in 2009."Go to Article!

NBC Bay Area Features Pixable Photofeed! 13 JAN 2011

"For those tired of only seeing friends' new photos after Facebook announcements, there's now Pixable, a new application that says it will keep the social network's millions of photos organized." Go to Article!

USA Today covers Pixable Photofeed! 12 JAN 2011

"Photo-project startup Pixable is launching a Facebook app today that looks to change the way the social network's members browse photos online."Go to Article!

InsideFacebooks Endorses Pixable Photofeed! 11 JAN 2011

"Today, startup Pixable launches its addictive photo discovery and consumption Facebook app Photofeed. It arranges all the photos shared by your Facebook friends." Go to Article!

Mashable Reviews Pixable Photofeed App! 11 JAN 2011

"Photo-project startup Pixable is launching a new Facebook app today that looks to change the way the social network's members browse photos online." Go to Article!

TechCrunch Writes About What Photofeed Can do! 11 JAN 2011

"Pixable's App aims to act as a personal 'photobot' scouring Facebook for the photos from your friends that you will find interesting." Go to Article!

Pixable was featured on The 33 TV! 11 JAN 2011

"Pixable launched an app today that helps you find your Facebook friends' most popular pics." Go to Article!

New York Observer writes about Pixable 11 JAN 2011

"You might know Pixable: it's the company that prints posters of Facebook photo mosaics. Founded by two MIT grads in 2008, now based in New York City, raised about $3.85 million so far."Go to Article!


CNN Mentions Pixable Among Top Photo Start Ups 22 NOV 2010

Photo sites work to hold out against Facebook, upstarts - "Pixable, which just got a $2.5 million venture capital infusion.Go to Article!

Pixable Video Tutorial in Italian! 19 NOV 2010

"Tutto Web Video" is an Italian website that has created a great tutorial for our Pixable Videos! For all our Italian-speaking users - enjoy! Go to Article!

Pixable Videos Used at National Book Awards Party 19 NOV 2010

"...young people interested in books, writing and publishing gathered at the Random House headquarters in New York for an inaugural House Party..." Go to Article!

Photo Manager Pixable Raises $2.5M From Highland 15 NOV 2010

Pixable Inc., which has created a series of applications to help people aggregate and manage photos, has raised $2.5 million from Highland Capital to launch a new product.

"Cool" photo apps impress VentureBeat 10 NOV 2010

Given the large number of photo websites and apps around, it's surprising how little you can actually do with photos online. Pixable thinks there's room for some cool new apps in the photo space. Go to Article!

TNW Recommends Sharing Photos With Pocketpix 02 NOV 2010

Pocketpix will take your photos and tidy them up by album into a gallery that you can then link to on your own blog or even toss onto someone's Facebook wall. Go to Article!

Look For Us at Ad:Tech New York! 02 NOV 2010

Ad:Tech New York will be held on November 3-4 this year. Pixable will be exhibiting at Innovation Alley - a zone dedicated to the showcasing of start-up companies with bleeding edge technology. Go to Article!

MIT Entrepreneurship Review: Competing with FB 13 OCT 2010

Today, the MIT Entrepreneurship Review brings you a story of Inaki Berenguer, whose recent graduation present to himself was a company to run, a company that he brought to life within the halls of MIT.Go to Article!

Real Estate Incentives Land Pixable A New Office 12 SEP 2010

This spring, the CEO of Pixable got a deal he could scarcely believe, much less refuse. Trinity Real Estate offered him 2,700 square feet at 137 Varick St. for a mere $20 per square foot.

Pixable Commended On New Trinity Office Space 08 SEP 2010

"So, nothing happens around Labor Day? Hah! While others doze, Realty Check has a bunch of big deals to tell you about... " Go to Article!

Pixable Graduates with Honors 08 SEP 2010

Founded in 2008 by three graduate students at MIT, Pixable moved into 160 Varick in November 2009. Since then, Pixable has grown from four employees to 21, and secured over $3 million in venture funding.Go to Article!

A Top New York Start-up Company to Work For! 05 AUG 2010

TimeOut New York names Pixable a notable startup that found success during the recession - and one of the best start-ups to work for in New York! Go to Article!

Startups Vie to Power Pepsico Marketing Campaigns 31 JUL 2010

What's next for marketers? That's what a room full of PepsiCo executives tried to figure out earlier this week when 20 promising tech startups presented ideas for leveraging their products in the futureGo to Article

PepsiCo10 Finalists Pitch Digital Start-Ups 28 JUL 2010

The second stage of "PepsiCo10," a program to identify and incubate up to 10 promising start-ups in technology, media and communications, is underway this week. Go to Article!

Pixable Graduates from Varick Street Incubator 15 JUL 2010

"...That camaraderie will make the next few months particularly bittersweet, as five of the incubator's tenants are expected to graduate..."Go to article!

Varick Street Incubaror Celebrates 1st Anniversary 15 JUL 2010

NYCEDC, the Polytechnic Institute of New York University, and Trinity Real Estate today are celebrating the one-year anniversary of the 160 Varick Street business incubator in Lower Manhattan. Go to article!

Highland Capital Partners Back Pixable 28 JUN 2010

The company hasn?t not made it official yet, but Pixable of Manhattan accepted its first round of funding from Highland Capital Partners of Lexington earlier this month. Go to article!

TechNews.AM Reports Pixable Raises $2.1M 28 JUN 2010

New York-based Pixable has received $2.1M in funding from Highland Capital. Pixable runs a service similar to the likes of Shutterfly in that it allows you to pay for the printing of your online photos. Pixables niche is that it exports your Facebook phot

Boston Globe Mentions Pixable 27 JUN 2010

In N.Y.-Boston venture rivalry, there may be no clear winner - or loser.In the heart of a baseball fan, there is only space for one team: the Red Sox or the Yankees. And rarely does the allegiance flip. Go to article!

WFAA TV Praises Pixable 08 JUN 2010

Laura Thornquist, aka "Money-Saving Mom" of WFAA TV in Dallas/Fort Worth praises Pixable for their creative and inexpensive way to use Facebook photos. New users receive a free photobook with promotional code...

WSJ - Pixable Founders Interviewed 20 MAY 2010

The Wall Street Journal features Pixable in an article about the success of the Varick Street incubator, home to many start-up companies... Go to article!

NBC|WGRZ Tells You To Unleash Your Facebook Pics 28 APR 2010

In my continued search to find the best websites to save you time and money, today I'd like to introduce you to Pixable. Chances are many of your best photos...Go to article!

TechCrunch covers Pixable 11 FEB 2010

On Pixable's site, you can import your photos from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and Photobucket into the mosaic creator.Go to article!

Venture Beat covers Pixable 11 FEB 2010

Online photo service Pixable is launching a new Photo Mosaics feature today, which lets users select an image and then use a number of their other photos Go to article!

Inc. covers Pixable 04 FEB 2010

When Inaki Berenguer moved from Boston to New York to start Pixable, a company that prints photo albums from Facebook pictures, he wasn't sure if he wanted.. Go to article!

Boston Globe covers Pixable. 31 JAN 2010

The Picture of Social Media Created by three classmates at MIT's Sloan School of Management, allows users to...


United Airlines Hemispheres covers Pixable 17 DEC 2009

The 18 coolest cutting-edge innovations you'll be clicking on, downloading, logging into, blasting away at and coveting in 2010. Go to article!

Inside Facebook covers Pixable 27 NOV 2009

Pixable's App is now among the top 20 most popular apps

VentureBeat covers Pixable 24 NOV 2009

Pixable lets you print out customized calendars from Facebook content Go to article!

ABC newspaper covers Pixable (Spain) 27 OCT 2009

Pixable crea albumes de Facebook en tres pasos. (Click on title for translation) Go to original article!

ABC News segment features Pixable 20 OCT 2009

A new start-up called "Pixable" is hoping to make it easier to get photos from the Web into albums. Watch the video!

BBC features Pixable co-founder Andres Blank 20 OCT 2009

BBC World Television covers the September 2009 Ultra Light Startups Entrepreneur's Forum event in New York.

The New York Times covers Pixable 20 OCT 2009

Pixable wants to get photo albums off the Web. Go to article!

derStandard covers Pixable (Austria) 19 OCT 2009

Pixable holt Bilder von Facebook und Co. - Zusammenführung aus unterschiedlichen Quellen. (Click on title to read translation) Go to original article!

Seattle Magazine covers Pixable 18 OCT 2009

Create Facebook (Paper) Photo Albums with Pixable Go to article!

GadgetNews covers Pixable 16 OCT 2009

Website of the Day: Pixable Go to article!

La Cronica talks about Pixable (Mexico) 04 AUG 2009

"Andres Blank, Alberto Sheinfeld y el espanol Patricio Martinez se reunieron en el apartamento del tambien espanol Inaki Berenguer en Cambridge y de ahi salieron con una start up, Pixable.

30 Noticias covers Pixable (Argentina) 28 JUN 2009

Un grupo de espanoles salen con una start up, Pixable, una aplicacion para formar albumes con las imagenes de Facebook.

El Pais talks about Pixable (Spain) 04 JUN 2009

Andres Blank, Alberto Sheinfeld y el espanol Patricio Martinez se reunieron en el apartamento del tambien espanol Inaki Berenguer en Cambridge y de ahi salieron con una start up, Pixable. Go to Article!