Olympic Imagery as Tweeted by Basketball Stars 01 AUG 2012

Twitter seems to be having some difficulties in its coverage of the Olympic Games. But perhaps this will make up for it.The folks at image-sharing site Pixable have put together the widget embedded below, a continually-updated real-time slideshow composed of photos and images uploaded unto Twitter by basketball Olympians. Amid the personal shots players posing with family members, fellow athletes or, in one case, Prince Harry himself, there are some quite nice in-game shots and one of handball by loyal tweeter Pau Gasol.Go to Article!


Pixable, las ultimas fotos de tus amigos en FB 10 NOV 2011

Pixable es una sencilla herramienta online que lo unico que nos ofrece es organizarnos en un mismo lugar todas las fotos de nuestros amigos en Facebook. Go to Article!

A Different Way to Share Photos 09 NOV 2011

This past spring Pixable put together a fun Infographic to help portray what is going on in this exploding world of photo sharing... Go to Article!

Parentesis reviews Pixable's iPhone app 08 NOV 2011

Esta aplicacion permite ver las fotos mas comentadas y visitadas que comparten tus amigos en Facebook y Twitter. Go to Article!

Pixable is covered in Albania 05 NOV 2011

Pixable i organizon fotot ne grupe dhe ju tregon fotot e reja te profilit ne nje vend te vetem. Go to Article!

Pixable is covered in Romania 04 NOV 2011

Pixable este o aplicatie gratuita pentru iDevice ce colectioneaza toate fotografiile si videoclipurile publicate de amici tai de pe Facebook sau Twitter si le afiseaza organizate in baza popularitati si a conexiunilor. Go to Article!

Pixable covered in Italian blog Aispazia 02 NOV 2011

Pixable e una applicazione gratuita per iDevices che raccoglie le migliori foto ed i migliori video pubblicati dai propri amici su Facebook e Twitter e ce li mostra organizzati in base alla popolariti ed alle connessioni. Go to Article!

Modificar nuestras fotos de Facebook con Pixable 26 OCT 2011

Todas las fotografias que lleguemos a guardar en los diferentes albumes de Facebook, podrian pasar desapercibidas por un gran tiempo. Go to Article!

NY Tech Companies Roll iOS 5 Ready Mobile apps 18 OCT 2011

On Wednesday,, a site that aggregates Facebook photos, released a revised incarnation of an existing app. Go to Article!

Italian blog H.IT features Pixable 17 OCT 2011

Pixable, companie fondata in anul 2009, are in prezent peste un milion de utilizatori, toti fani ai retelelor de socializare. Pixable este de fapt un agregator care strange si aranjeaza fotografiile pe care le gaseste pe conturile prietenilor vostri de pe Facebook si Twitter Go to Article!

Pixable featured in Brazilian blog, Baixaki 12 OCT 2011

Se voce fica sempre ligado em seu Facebook e nao quer perder nada do que acontece na rede, vai adorar o Pixable. Go to Article!

A Closer Look at the Upcoming SA500 04 OCT 2011

SA500, a tech-recruiting event, is being hosted by the consumer database company NextJump and the NYSE on Oct. 15. Company CEOs and founders will meet directly with 500 industry professionals..."Events like this one are super important because it gives visibility beyond the city limits," said Inaki Berenguer, co-founder of Pixable. Go to Article!

Japanese blog covers Pixable! 01 OCT 2011

I recently got hooked on Pixable...Go to Article!

Aggregating the old and rewarding the new 28 SEP 2011

The largest category of the night seemed to suggest that what the social media landscape needs most is a way to organize all existing social media, with myriad apps and services that aggregate the flood of information.Pixable collects photos from across the Web to let a user see friends' images in one spot.Go to Article!

Pixable - Las fotos de tus amigos de Facebook 26 SEP 2011

Pixable en una de esas aplicaciones que en su sencillez esta su virtud. Go to Article!

iApp covers Pixable 24 SEP 2011

On Facebook there are often too many messages, links, and status updates making it difficult to find the great photos shared by your friends. Go to Article!

Facebook Photos & Videos Arranged Into Feeds 23 SEP 2011

Facebook is, as yet, the unchallenged king of social networking. There is Twitter, of course, but what sets FB apart? It’s the media-rich features of the network. Go to Article!

Arab Apps covers Pixable 21 SEP 2011

If you're someone who does not pass a day without visiting Facebook, even by your iPhone, you undoubtedly need this application. Go to Article!

Find top photos and videos shared by friends 19 SEP 2011

Managing a Facebook account these days has become cumbersome when you have dozens of friends who share stuff daily. Therefore Pixable is a solution by filtering your Friends' highest rated photos and videos based on popularity and your connections. Go to Article!

AppSafari gives Pixable 4.5/5 stars! 16 SEP 2011

Categories in Pixable are fun and make a whole lot of sense. Pixable uses gender information from Facebook to sort photos giving you a folder of "The Ladies", and another for "The Guys". Go to Article!

Pixable Rolls Out iPhone App Update 09 SEP 2011

"Photo discovery service Pixable has released a brand new version of its iPhone app with new features and a streamlined design." Go to Article!

Pixable trekt de fotos uit je Twitter timeline 06 SEP 2011

een van de onderdelen die ik leuk vind aan Twitter is het feit dat de mensen die ik volg regelmatig fotos publiceren. Go to Article!

French Le Presse Citron covers Pixable 29 AUG 2011

J'ai peut-etre ce quiil vous faut : Pixable regroupe les photos et celles de vos amis qui ont ete publiees sur les deux reseaux sociaux et vous permet de les suivre en fonction de certains criteres.Go to Article!

Facebook's less than perfect picture 24 AUG 2011

Technology Spectator references Pixable's infographic in regards to Facebook's recent privacy changes.Go to Article!

Pixable Now Lets You Browse Twitter Photos 24 AUG 2011

Pixable has announced that you can now browse through photos and videos that people you are following have shared on Twitter.Go to Article!

Photo Aggregator Pixable Rolls Out Twitter Photos 24 AUG 2011

Enter Pixable. Yes, ironically, Pixable is another web app that promises to make your life easier. Will it? The answer probably depends on the user.Go to Article!

Pixable Adds Twitter to Supported Services 24 AUG 2011

Today Pixable announced the integration of Twitter into its service. The New York-based startup is known for helping you find the best photos and videos shared by your social network. Go to Article!

Technophilia Australia covers Pixable 20 AUG 2011

Technophilia Australia highlights Pixable as a great way to find the best photos shared on Facebook or to see the ones you've missed out on.Go to Article!

OMG-Facts on Pixable's Profile Photo Infographic 17 AUG 2011

OMG Facts talks about Pixable's findings on the frequency of profile picture updates.Go to Article!

INFOGRAPHIC: A History Of Facebook Photos 03 AUG 2011

AllFacebook covers our "Facebook Photos: A History" infographic! Go to Article!

INFOGRAPHIC: The History Of Facebook Photos 02 AUG 2011

Scribbal features our "Facebook Photos: A History" infographic Go to Article!

View photos and videos with Pixable 01 AUG 2011

"Pixable, an application that lets you view all the photos and videos of your friends in one attractive and dynamic interface, with the ability to sort by categories like new profile photos, new videos, the best of day, among others, to make it easier to navigate." Go to Article!

Pixable's 'Life Of A Facebook Photo' (Infographic) 01 AUG 2011

Bit Rebels covers Pixable's 'Life of a Facebook Photo infographic'. Go to Article!

5 Facebook Photo Album Names That Get More Clicks 27 JUL 2011

"You want to show the world how awesome your life is, but you want to have an album title as cool as the night you took the photos. The trick here is to reach the perfect happy medium between nonchalance and intrigue: Something that gives viewers an insight into what was going on, but mostly just leaves them in more mystery than before, and wishing they were you, or at least with you." Go to Article!

Playpcesor features Pixable 27 JUL 2011

"Why use an extra "Pixable" to browse photos face book it? Mainly because of Facebook photos the original dynamic browsing is not convenient enough, but not flexible enough filtering options, so even if just to see friends, upload photos, or give way Facebook had only text-based information flow interface." Go to Article!

Dipinit calls Pixable and "Excellent Application" 26 JUL 2011

"The application is an integral part of Facebook, and uses an algorithm that sorts the images by number of Comments and Likes. Working with this algorithm, Pixable allows you to see which photos are most popular in the day, week and month. Also you will see a lot of photos that you have missed before. Pixable sorts Facebook photos in several different categories"Go to Article!

Fotolo talks about Pixable 26 JUL 2011

"Pixable’s viewer is one of the best of any photo app or website I have seen. Aside from the super large photos that populate the walls of, no other site or service that I have found puts every bit of interest and focus on the photo, like Pixable, does." Go to Article!

Online photo finding app Pixable adds videos 22 JUL 2011

"Pixable, a New York-based photo aggregating app which has helped more than a million users to find, manage, share, rank and enjoy their own and other people's photos online, has recently added video discovery and sharing to its personalised service." Go to Article!

View Popular Videos & Photos with Pixable 21 JUL 2011

"If you find the constant updates from your friends about what they had for lunch or where they are to be extremely useless and annoying, you might want to give Pixable a try. It's a web app that shows you the good stuff (videos and images only) in your Facebook feed" Go to Article!

Social Access Covers Pixable's Video Release 21 JUL 2011

"Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed by the amount of photos and videos being shared on your various social networks? Pixable, a startup that was founded in 2009, allows users to take photos from multiple outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and their SmartPhone and puts them into different categories. Today the company launched two new news feed feature which allow you to organize videos in addition to photos that have come through your Facebook feed." Go to Article!

Pixable Adds Video to Personalized Viewing 21 JUL 2011

"As with photos, the personalized feeds take videos that have been added to the user's Facebook network, whether they're original or shared from services like YouTube and Vimeo, and dynamically generates a showcase of them using the company's WonderRank technology. WonderRank learns the subjects and people each user cares most about, so its algorithmic analysis continually improves its decisions and Pixable gets smarter about what it brings to the top." Go to Article!

Pixable Integrates Videos 20 JUL 2011

"Pixable (, known for helping you find the best photos shared by your friends online, has added video discovery and sharing to its app. Pixable will use the same smart technology used for ranking photos to surface the most relevant and exciting videos shared on Facebook and other media sharing sites across a user's social network. Pixable users will have access to the new video discovery and sharing capabilities immediately." Go to Article!

Facebook Photo Organizer Pixable Adds Video 20 JUL 2011

"The same ranking technology Pixable uses for photos will help users to find the most relevant videos shared via Facebook and other sites, including YouTube and Vimeo ' WonderRank, which makes recommendations based on what users have chosen to view in the past, fine-tuning those recommendations the more it is used." Go to Article!

Scribbal covers the addition of Videos to Pixable 20 JUL 2011

"Pixable, a service that helps you to discover the best photos being shared by your friends, has added video discovery and sharing features to its Web app. Pixable will use the same technology it harnesses to rank photos to help you find the most relevant videos being shared by your friends on Facebook and other services." Go to Article!

Bitelia covers Pixable's video release 20 JUL 2011

"Pixable searches our social networks videos and photos and categorizes them so we can enjoy them more leisurely"

Pixable organizes the photos you like on Facebook 15 JUL 2011

PixablePhotofeed e um curioso servico que nos permite extrair as fotografias que gostamos no Facebook. Go to Article!

The Pixable 'Life of a Facebook Photo' Charts Onli 29 JUN 2011

"The chart addresses everything from Facebook comments to the horror when someone actually finds his pictures from a messy night up on the site. It even goes through the psychological process involved in what to tag and what not to tag when making serious Facebook album decisions. Either way, the Pixable "Life of a Facebook Photo" is comedic and creative." Go to Article!

INFOGRAPHIC: The Path Of A Facebook Photo 28 JUN 2011

"Today we are using several devices to take pictures, iPhones, BlackBerries, Androids, tablets and even the almost-forgotten film camera. Yeah, remember those? This cheeky infographic by Pixable outlines the various ways your photo can be uploaded from the snap of the shutter to your photo's cozy home in your most recent Facebook album and it's pretty hilariously accurate." Go to Article!

INFOGRAPHIC: The Journey Of A Facebook Photo 28 JUN 2011

"Uploading photos to Facebook is one of the most popular features of the social networking site. So the team at Pixable, maker of a photo organization application for Facebook, created the infographic below to illustrate what happens to images uploaded to the social network." Go to Article!

The life of a Facebook photo [infographic] 28 JUN 2011

Alltop cover Pixable's funny infographic following the life of a Facebook Picture - from capture to untag. Go to Article!

The Life Of A Facebook Photo (Infographic) 28 JUN 2011

"Pixable, a social photo startup released an infographic this morning detailing the life of a Facebook photo. So, what?s Pixable? The company offers an assortment of features ?centered around photo search, aggregation, editing, and photo-product creation. " Go to Article!

Social Media Explorer 03 JUN 2011

"Have you ever sat down and thought about your profile photo on Facebook? Apparently a whole slew of us have. This infographic takes a look at how often consumers update their profile photos on Facebook and it is clear...they do it A LOT! And women are doing it more than men. Is it because we are more vain? Possibly." Go To The Article!

Does This Facebook Photo Make Me Look Fat? 01 JUN 2011

"The average female Facebook user uploads a new profile picture to her account every two weeks, beating out men and illustrating that the more things change, the more they stay the same" Go To The Article!

Changing faces of Facebook's women 01 JUN 2011

"Did you know that the average female Facebook user uploads a new profile photo to her account every two weeks? Men typically update their profile photo less often on the social networking site, averaging one new profile image every three weeks, deduced photo discovery and image managing service Pixable after analyzing the profile pictures of its more than 500,000 users." Go To The Article!

Increasingly frequent profile pics (Hungary) 30 MAY 2011

"Pixable found 500 thousand users who analyzed the images and concluded that all the uploaded image, around 10% of the profile photo - which, given that during the summer,the 100 billion expected images, very nice figure." Go To The Article!

Facebook Pics and interesting statistics (Vietnam) 30 MAY 2011

"Did you know that Facebook owns a huge photo archive of approximately 100 billion to 6 billion photo images are uploaded every month? Pixable has just announced the very interesting figures on the largest online stock photography world on its blog. These data are the result of a survey and analysis of more than 500,000 Facebook users via its applications Photofeed Pixable." Go To The Article!

All Facebook talks about Pixable's Infographic 30 MAY 2011

"Did you know that the average Facebook user will change their profile photo 18 times this year? That's three times as often as in 2006. Check out these interesting stats about Facebook profile photos!" Go To The Article!

Women change their profile pic 2X a month (France) 30 MAY 2011

According Pixable, it may be a sign that today's online presence represents for them a standard to maintain: "For many Internet is an integral part of life and Facebook has become a primary means of communication, a transmitter connecting each message to the virtual representation of oneself." Go To The Article!

Facebook profile photos, 10% of all images (Spain) 30 MAY 2011

"Many people know of Facebook as a platform that features an array of photographs. However, not many know that 10% of all of these images on Zuckerberg's social network are profile pictures." Go To The Article!

Index writes about Pixable (Hungary) 30 MAY 2011

" In 2006, profile pictures only changed six times per year but in 2011, has changed three times as much." Go To The Article!

The most important part for FB users (Bulgaria) 30 MAY 2011

"Each year, consumers start to change your photos more often. In 2008. consumers have benefited from an average of 11 profile pictures a year. In 2011. users are expected to use an average of 20 profile pictures." Go To The Article!

ITMedia Discusses Our Infographic (Japan) 30 MAY 2011

"According to the Infographic, women change their profile picture much more than men." Go To The Article!

Picture profile on Facebook in a nutshell (Poland) 29 MAY 2011

"Profile pics pay particular attention to your friends. Typical profile picture has three signs"like" and two comments. The typical Facebook user has a profile up to 26 photos." Go To The Italian Article!

Assorted pictures on Facebook in Numbers 29 MAY 2011

"Pixable created this Infopraphic based on data from 500,000 users of Facebook,and for example, shows that their profile pictures on Facebook we change from year to year, often it is changing the understanding of women than men and the average is 26 profile pictures on his head."Go To The Article!

Xaluan covers Pixable (South Africa) 29 MAY 2011

"This information is quite attractive and will surprise you. While we all know Facebook is eating up market share photos, it's interesting to see the real figures like this for individual photos." Go To The Article!

Facebook Pics: Statistics About Your Profile Image 28 MAY 2011

It gives a fascinating insight into profile photos on Facebook, which contribute to Facebook having the biggest collection of photos on the web. Around 500,000 users' profile photos were analyzed by photo app Pixable who created the infographic." Go To The Article!

Are people becoming more self-expressive? 28 MAY 2011

"Not only do we find that 10% of all of the photos on Facebook are profile photos, but that with each year people are changing their profile pictures more often. As of right now, users are uploading three times the amount of profile photos that they were in 2006." Go To The Article!

Facebook Profile Pictures (Turkey) 28 MAY 2011

"Every day, millions of pictures are uploaded on Facebook, according to Pixable. The Infographic reveals interesting results." Go To The Article!

Women Change More Often FB Profile Pic Than Men 27 MAY 2011

"Social photo aggregation and editing application Pixable has released an infographic on their blog that provides some stats about everyone's single most important picture of themselves -no, not the driver's license photo, the Facebook profile picture." Go to Article!

A Look At How Often People Change FB Profile Pics 27 MAY 2011

"It seems that Facebook users are switching their profile photo often, with women uploading a new profile photo every 2 weeks, and men uploading a new profile photo every 3 weeks on average. According to this infographic published by Pixable - which closed a $3.6 million funding round last month - 10 percent of pictures on Facebook are profile photos. Given that Facebook users are predicted to have 100 billion photos by this summer, that means there are quite a few profile photos on the social network." Go to Article!

Considerations outlandish, inaccurate or perfect? 27 MAY 2011

"We believe that the considerations of Pixable reflect the truth. The profile picture tells us something about ourselves and Facebook has become a calling card. Employers, friends and acquaintances who make a vanity search, and anyone else looking for information about ourselves will encounter sooner or later, on our profile page." Go To The Italian Article!

Funny Conclusions About Our Infographic 27 MAY 2011

There's always the competitiveness factor, women can be very competitive with each other (and pretty catty) at times and may even be changing their picture for bragging rights "Hey ex-boyfriend look at me now!".Go To The Article!

Wanted: Hip Tech Savvy International Entrepreneurs 10 MAY 2011

"Inaki Berenguer, a young Spasish entrepreneur who's embraced the Big Apple is the new face for "Make It Here", an ongoing NYC government campaign to attract brainy people. Such pearls of wisdom share the same sound bytes as New York being a place to work hard (and play harder) plus what a beautiful place it is to live in." Go to Article!

Using Pixable To Filter Facebook Pics (Taiwan) 04 MAY 2011

"Too many people on Facebook, is too complicated, and your friends and photos are dynamic. You can use "Pixable" to filter the photos displayed on Facebook with "Popular of the day" or "Popular of Instagram." Go to Article!

Pixable Is One Of The Top 5 Investments 03 MAY 2011

"Photos are arguably the most popular sort of content on Facebook and the social photo sharing space is starting to attract activity as developers look to take advantage of this. Pixable, founded by three MIT grads, is an example of this. Highland Capital participated in both this USD3.6m round and Pixable's previous round. The company plans to use the money to increase its engineering team." Go to Article!

Photo Sharing Overload Powering Pixable's Growth 28 APR 2011

"Right now Pixable is adding about 40,000 new users a week, and increasingly their data shows Facebook as the king of photos. While images are being produced on other services, Inaki says 85% eventually make their way onto Facebook, whether it's the newsfeed or part of a full fledged album." Go to Article!

Photofeed integrates Facebook photo editing 28 APR 2011

"Photofeed was a pretty cool Facebook app already (and Pixable's Photofeed iPhone app is another recent addition that has a similar coolness factor). Now that Aviary's API has been integrated into Photofeed, Pixable has just added more fun to the photo editing process." Go to Article!

Pixable Secures $3.6 Million Series B Financing 27 APR 2011

"Pixable closed a $2.5 million series A financing, led by Highland Capital Partners, in June of 2010. From a variety content sharing sites across their networks, Pixable helps its users aggregate and organize photos and videos, with plans to add more sources in the future." Go to Article!

A. Blank, our CEE, presents Photofeed for iPhone 27 APR 2011

Amazon Web Services sponsors the monthly 'Ultra Light Startups' startup pitch contest and Pixable was there. Go to Video!

PeHub discusses Pixable's funding 25 APR 2011

"The new cash is aimed at bolstering the company's engineering team and infrastructure, and increasing traffic across multiple platforms, including Web, iPad, iPhone and Android devices." Go to Article!

CityBiz List Covers Pixable 24 APR 2011

"Pixable will soon integrate video into its Photofeed app by categorizing and ranking videos your friends are watching and sharing on Facebook and Twitter." Go to Article!

Inteloquent Reviews Pixable Funding 24 APR 2011

"Pixable, a startup that develops sleek social photo creation and categorization tools, has raised $3.6 million in Series B funding led by Menlo Ventures. This brings Pixable's total funding to $6.6 million." Go to Article!

Loogic Features Pixable (Spain) 21 APR 2011

"Pixable has had some very interesting developments recently in terms of its clear focus on its Facebook application and the transition to other platforms such as the iPhone and iPad market. It positions itself as a competitor to other applications that promote the sharing and discussion of photos such as, Instagram and Picplz." Go to Article!

AppAdvice writes about Photofeed for iPhone 13 APR 2011

"The application takes advantage of the iPhone's screen, allowing users to swipe up, down, left, and right to navigate through individual photos or entire photo albums. And, if you come across a photo you like, you can easily share it (via email) or save it to your iPhone or iPod touch." Go to Article!

6SighReport talks about Pixable 11 APR 2011

Today's world is mobile and fast, the company says, and 'is about receiving and sharing information quickly and efficiently' sometimes you just don't have the time to sit down for photo browsing. Photofeed for Apple's iPhone keeps you up to date with only the photos you care about.' Go to Article!

Mobiputing features Pixable's Photofeed for iPhone 08 APR 2011

" The app makes it easy to see the latest photos from your Facebook friends without having to deal with the massive amount of extraneous information in their Newsfeeds just to see their friends' latest photos." Go to Article!

Photofeed is a fresh iPhone App 07 APR 2011

Find your friends' photos from all over the Internet -- including Facebook, Flickr and Instagram -- with Photofeed, an app built for funneling and searching through photos from your various accounts to make finding images easier.Go to Article!

Scribbal:Pixable Releases Photofeed App For iPhone 06 APR 2011

The online photo-aggregating service is finally releasing its Photofeed App for iPhone. The app will allow iPhone users to see and interact with millions of photos from the most popular photo hosting social networks. Go to Article!

Photofeed iPhone adds Flickr & Instagram support 06 APR 2011

The folks at Pixable have just put out a new Photofeed app and the new version of the photo-viewing program adds support for Flickr and Instagram, in addition to its Facebook foundation.Go to Article!

Geeky Gadgets talks about Photofeed iPhone 06 APR 2011

Pixable have now released a new iPhone app under the same name, Photofeed. That aggregates photos from Flickr, Instagram and Facebook, and lets you browse, search and categorise all the photos and put them into groups if needed. A clever feature of the app allows it to learn which friends' photos you like, and will then provide more photos to you from those friends or feeds. Go to Article!

A Unique Feature to Turn Your Photos in Slideshows 04 APR 2011

"Enjoy the Photofeed feature of your facebook account and turn your facebook friends phtos into a slideshows. It is a great experience to communicate with your friends with the help of Phtofeed feature."Go to Article!

A french blog mentions Pixable (France) 23 MAR 2011

"Share pictures, a new way to communicate for marketers" Go to Article!

Release Geek covers Photofeed (Mexico) 17 MAR 2011

This Mexican blog talks about how to save time with Photofeed. Go to Article!

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words: Photo Sharing for 17 MAR 2011

"We're picture posting crazy and this trend is something data-driven marketers can leverage in a variety of creative ways. Data from Pixable, reports that in January of 2011, the average female Facebook user posted 347 images. That's 347 images in one month! Males, while less active in the picture posting madness, still averaged 179 images." Go to Article!

Pixable is a Photo-Sharing Trend 15 MAR 2011

"According to January 2011 data from Pixable, which analyzed 100,000 Pixable Photofeed users on Facebook, women are more active with photo-sharing on Facebook, uploading and being tagged in photos twice as often as men" Go to Article!

A dynamic way to see Facebook Photos (Argentina) 11 MAR 2011

Argentinian blog talks about Photofeed Go to Article!

Photofeed: How to Organize Facebook Pics (Croatia) 11 MAR 2011

A Croatian blog focused on the fast Photofeed organizes Facebook photos. Go to Article!

The Gender Divide in Facebook Photos 09 MAR 2011

"Although it's stereotypical and might have been predicted, it is disappointing to me that in the year 2011 so many young women continue to assert their self worth via their physical appearance -- in this case, by posting photos of themselves on Facebook as a form of advertisement."Go to Article!

Destakes Talks About Pixable (Portugal) 04 MAR 2011

Pixable makes social photo viewing easier...Do you want to see the Video? Go to Article!

Michael J. Miller Loves Pixable 02 MAR 2011

"If you have lots of Facebook contacts and want to easily view all their photos, check out Photofeed from Pixable. It's a new, nice way of collecting a lot of photos in one place on the iPad." Go to Article!

PMDA writes about Pixable 02 MAR 2011

"Pixable's customized feed delivers the photos that matter most. It makes them findable and discoverable, and brings order to the chaos of an explosive web of pictures without an index or directory." Go to Article!

Your Digital Life Discusses Photofeed for Ipad 02 MAR 2011

The "secret sauce" to the app is something called "WonderRank" which analyzes images in a person's Facebook account and delivers the ones it believes are "most interesting." Go to Article!

Pixable: Social and Media Tech at Demo Spring 2011 01 MAR 2011

"If you have 300 friends, you are probably connected to 100,000 photos - so it's impossible for a user to go through all of them. Pixable's application takes all your friends, looks at the metadata connected to their photos (such as 'likes' and comments) and uses those to create a combined view of the photos - moving the photos into categories such as the top photos of the week and top pictures of girls."Go to Article!

Mobile Tech Resource covers Pixable 01 MAR 2011

" Pixable Photofeed is the first app of its kind to help people better explore, interact, and share the growing number of photos they have access to on Facebook, within a beautiful and elegant interface." Go to Article!

Photo Weekly Online covers Pixable Infographic 21 FEB 2011

For those who don’t know, Pixable is a company that is focused on enabling users to manage their online photos with a powerful set of features...Go to Article!

Profitiraj shares Pixable infographic! (Croatia) 15 FEB 2011

Local croatian news outlet astonished by Pixable infographic! Go to Article!

TechOrange writes about Pixable! (Taiwan) 15 FEB 2011

Taiwanese blog network features Pixable infographic. Go to Article & Infographic!

Portaltodo analyzes Pixable Infographic! (Spain) 15 FEB 2011

Spanish blog is astonished by some Pixable infographic infomation! Go to Article!

Fast Media Magazine impressed by Infographic! 15 FEB 2011

"Here is another great infographic after the one we published earlier this week. This one, by Pixable captures everything you need to know about the staggering numbers of pictures on Facebook. 100 Billion photos anyone?"Go to Article!

MinuteBuzz Amazed by Pixable Infographic! (France) 15 FEB 2011

French media news outlet thinks Pixable Infographic information is essential to app developers! Go to Article!

Jing Ping covers Pixable! (China) 08 FEB 2011

Chinese blog highlights Pixable Photofeed! Go to Article!

Tricks Facebook Share Pixable Video Tutorial! 06 FEB 2011

"Videos Pixable is an online application that allows you to easily create video clips using your pictures uploaded to Facebook." Go to Article!

TheNorba highlights Pixable Video Platform (Italy) 04 FEB 2011

Italian features a tutorial on Pixable videos! Go to Article!

Baixiatudo loves Photofeed! (Portugal) 04 FEB 2011

Portuguese news outlet loves how fun and easy Photofeed is! Go to Article!

Infosertec covers Pixable! (Argentina) 31 JAN 2011

Blog from Argentina highlights the great services that Pixable provides! Go to Article!

Facebook Login thinks Photofeed is an amazing app! 26 JAN 2011

Facebook Login; a blog devoted to all things Facebok says "Pixables Photofeed application is an amazing photo app. It is a fun, free, and unique way to discover and explore trending Facebook photos." Go to Article!

PCuSER has Pixable Photofeed tutorial! (Taiwan) 26 JAN 2011

Taiwanese news source raves about Pixable Photofeed! Go to Article!

TechNow Writes about Pixable! (Hong Kong) 25 JAN 2011

Hong Kong technology news source features Pixable Photofeed! Go to Article!

Grafic World Writes About Photofeed! (Italy) 25 JAN 2011

Italian blog features Pixable Photofeed! Go to Article!

TYVM Discusses Pixable Photofeed (Europe) 25 JAN 2011

European blog writes about Pixable Photofeed! Go to Article!

Unwire Reviews Pixable Photofeed! (Hong Kong) 25 JAN 2011

Hong Kong news outlet writes about Pixable Photofeed! Go to Article!

Seetio Loves Pixable Photofeed! (Spain) 24 JAN 2011

"Pixable es una aplicacion web realmente original y sorprendente, que los fanaticos de Facebook estoy conviendo sabran agradecer."Go to Article!

Tyinternety Highlights Photofeed (Czech Republic) 24 JAN 2011

Czech Republic news source writes about Pixable Photofeed! Go to Article!

Loogic Writes about Pixable Photofeed! (Spain) 20 JAN 2011

"Pixable se centran en ofrecer una utilidad dentro de Facebook que enriquezca nuestra experiencia con las fotos que subimos nosotros o nuestros amigos."Go to Article!

Pixable, an Innovate Company in Hudson Square 20 JAN 2011

Pixable is an example of what made this City entrepreneurial and the innovation that exists in Hudson Square.Go to Article!

NewMediaPlus Raves about Photofeed! 17 JAN 2011

"Pixable Photofeeds is certainly an application whose time has come, and it promises to be at the forefront of this networking trend."Go to Article!

AllFacebook Discusses Pixable Photofeed! 11 JAN 2011

"Pixable now lets you browse through all your friends' photos based on how many people liked, commented, or were tagged in." Go to Article!

Steachs features Photofeed Guide (Taiwan) 11 JAN 2011

Taiwan news platform shares a Pixable Photofeed How-To Guide! Go to Article!

Switched Download Squad Covers Pixable Photofeed! 11 JAN 2011

"Pixable's Photofeed is a new Facebook app that shows you which photos you should care about."Go to Article!

HKSilicon Covers Pixable Photofeed! (China) 11 JAN 2011

Chinese media news outlet highlights Pixable Photofeed! Go to Article!

SiliconANGLE Talks About Pixable Photofeed 11 JAN 2011

"The New York-based company Pixable, known for its online photo sharing and stocking solutions, has introduced a new tool for Facebook users." Go to Article!

Mega Blog loves Pixable Photofeed App! (Serbia) 11 JAN 2011

Serbian blog features Pixable Photofeed! Go to Article!


TrendCentral: Pixable Solution to Digital Hoarding 01 DEC 2010

It's no wonder that digital photo publishing has been in the spotlight lately. Life sharing is all the rage, and uploaded photography is the richest way to share experiences with your social network. Go to Article!

Publishing Association Targets Younger Audience 22 NOV 2010

A casual office-party-like fete showed a live feed of the awards and integrated sponsors like Web-based photo service Pixable, clothing company Robert Redd, and the Huffington Post. Go to Article!

Sweden Loves Pixable Pocketpix! 19 NOV 2010

Swedish site, "Feber," tells their readers about Pocketpix: Fototjansten Pixable har skapat en ny tjanst som man kallar PocketPix med vilken man kan skapa sma minifoto-album Go to Article!

Cool Site of the Day - 11/16/10: Pixable 16 NOV 2010

Today's Cool Site of the Day is Pixable! Say goodbye to slideshows. Pixable Videos automatically transforms your favorite moments and the music you dig into a slick video.

Pixable: Founded despite skepticism from industry 01 NOV 2010

Co-Founders Andres, Inaki and Alberto explain, we believed in our vision and thought if the industry players dont see what we do, it must represent a generational difference and a clear opportunity for us.

Family Day at the Digital Influentials 20 OCT 2010

Cory Treffiletti of MediaBizBloggers uncovers new sites and sources that families will love. Some are fun, some are practical, and all will help serve your family's needs!

Mommieventures Touts Pixable Customer Support 17 AUG 2010

Mommieventures talks about her experience with Pixable customer support. Go to Article!

6rounds Mentions Pixable as Facebook Enhancement 08 AUG 2010

6rounds mentions Pixable as a Facebook-related service that you can use to enhance your networking and Facebook-obsession! Go to Article!

PepsiCo10 Summit - Pixable Is One Of 20 Finalists 27 JUL 2010

PepsiCo today called on 20 promising start-ups in technology, media and communications to present at the inaugural PepisCo10 Summit and the second phase of the company's new innovation incubator program. Go to article!

Mommily Ever After Reviews Pixable 13 JUL 2010

Pixable is about the easiest photo album I've ever put together. Not only could I upload photos to my album from my Facebook account but it also uploaded the Description of the Picture to the I loved that!!

Top Swiss Tech Blog Mentions Pixable! 15 JUN 2010

Pixable mentioned in a top Tech Blog in Switzerland! Go to article! Reviews Pixable 10 JUN 2010 reviews Pixable's photobook for her readers. Read what she has to say! Go to article!

Social Media Drive-Thru Names Pixable Hot Start-Up 21 MAY 2010

It's been a long and tiresome day, but very rewarding. After work, I headed over to a Digital Flash NYC event that featured two Mashable panelists... Go to article

AppStorm covers Pixable 22 FEB 2010

Taking pictures of every moment in life is the norm these days, now that we have cameras in our phones, laptops and.. Go to article!

Blogger Jason talks about Pixable 17 FEB 2010

Today technology pays a much bigger role in these types of things and I wanted to show what I think is a really cool marketing tool. The image in..Go to article!

Useful Tools covers Pixable 16 FEB 2010

Are you looking for a cheap but thoughtful gift for a friend or family member? Pixable lets you create cool..Go to article!

Flowmi covers Pixable 12 FEB 2010

Arma un mosaico con tus fotos de Facebook Go to article!

TechSimplified talks about Pixable 11 FEB 2010

Ever wanted more out of all your Facebook Pictures? Wanted to turn them into lasting memories that ..

TechStartups covers Pixable 05 JAN 2010

Printed photo albums have been available to consumers for awhile. Go to article!


TweetMeme covers Pixable 30 DEC 2009

Pixable is a one of the best online photo book creator developed by three MIT students and is now located in New York City. Go to article!

Hollrr covers Pixable 29 DEC 2009

Super simple way to print your photos from Facebook. Finished product had quality high-glossy feel to it. Great memento for someone.Go to article!

Windows Fanatics covers Pixable 28 DEC 2009

Do you remember when having a lot of pictures used to mean having a lot of printed photos in shoeboxes and photo albums? These days..Go to article!

Girls Minister covers Pixable 23 DEC 2009

Pixable: Your Girls Ministry's best friend for memory keeping Go to article!

Windows Bytes covers Pixable 22 DEC 2009

Have a bunch of photos on your Facebook,Picasa or Flickr account? Pixable can import all your photos from any of these online accounts and create great looking photo books.Go to article!

Gadget Inspiration covers Pixable 19 DEC 2009

Pixable is a one of the best online photo book creator developed by three MIT students and is now located in New York City.

TechieBuzz covers Pixable 16 DEC 2009

Create a Custom Album From Facebook, Flickr and Picasa Photos Go to article!

The Zen Capitalist covers Pixable 07 DEC 2009

21 Geeky Hipster Christmas Gifts Under $20 Go to article!

Blog MakeUseOf covers Pixable 27 NOV 2009

Pixable Calendar: Online Calendar With Facebook Data Import Go to article!

Tech Startups covers Pixable 24 NOV 2009

Pixable Lets You Make Personal Calendars From Facebook Go to article!

El Blog de Txurdi covers Pixable 18 NOV 2009

Pixable es un servicio de imprenta muy especial. Es, como ellos dicen, el creador de albumes mas rapido de la web. Go to article!

Newsweek blog covers Pixable 27 OCT 2009

Pixable's killer feature is that you're not limited to your own photos. Go to article!

Facebook Noticias covers Pixable (Spain) 27 OCT 2009

Pixable te permite crear tu album tradicional de fotos de Facebook. Go to original article!

Best Facebook Photo Tools 23 OCT 2009

Squidoo names Pixable one of the best tools for managing and editing Facebook photos. Go to article!

Surfplaza covers Pixable (Belgium) 23 OCT 2009

Belgian tech blog includes Pixable in its list of useful photo tools. Go to original article!

PhotoScala covers Pixable (Germany) 19 OCT 2009

Das Web, ein einziges Fotoalbum. (Click on the title to read translation) Go to original article!

pressetext covers Pixable (Switzerland) 19 OCT 2009

Digitale Fotos sollen zurück ins Fotoalbum. (Click on title to read translation) Go to original article!

How to start a company during your MBA 05 OCT 2009

How were we able to manage going to school and starting a company at the same time. Go to article!

T-Zine names Pixable 07 SEP 2009

Site van de week - Giet je online albums in echte fotoboeken. (Click on title for translation) Go to article!

Blog360 covers Facebook (Italy) 07 SEP 2009

Creare, Stampare e Comprare gli Album Fotografici di FaceBook

bziNews covers Pixable (Russia) 04 SEP 2009

Covered in the news in Russia. We live in a world of virtual images. This service helps to create a photo album in 5 minutes and in a few days you'll have it in your hands! Real album with real photos!

Web2null covers Pixable (Germany) 04 SEP 2009

Pixable: Fotoalbum aus online-Fotos. (Click on title to read translation) Go to original article!

MaestroAlberto covers Pixable (Italy) 04 SEP 2009

Crea, stampa e compra i tuoi album fotografici di FaceBook con Pixable. (Click on title to read translation) Go to original article!

Geekissimo covers Pixable (Italy) 04 SEP 2009

Pixable, creare album da farsi spedire utilizzando le foto caricate su Facebook. (Click on title for translation) Go to article!

Pixable recognized as a KillerStartup 03 SEP 2009

Pixable will let you to create any album you might want, and do so without the need to upload or for that matter download anything. Go to article!

Pixable in visual directory for Web 2.0 sites 03 SEP 2009

Go to post!

Pixable, Print your Facebook photos in seconds 03 SEP 2009

Pixable is easy, user friendly and requires no additional software downloads. Go to article!

AboutFaceDigital covers Pixable 03 SEP 2009

Pixable makes printing your Facebook photo albums a snap. Go to article!

Pixable lets you print your Facebook content 02 SEP 2009

In just 5 minutes, you're able to create a beautiful, personal and unique photo book using Pixable's full artistic features combined with additional Facebook content. Visit blog post!

Tourism website covers Pixable (Spain) 29 AUG 2009

Imprime tu álbum de fotos con los selectos de Facebook. Go to article!

Blumex talks about Pixable (Spain) 28 JUL 2009

Pixable es un servicio que nos ofrece la posibilidad de crear tu propio album de fotos con imagenes directamente obtenidas desde las redes sociales mas conocidas como son Facebook, Flickr y Picasa. Go to Article!

Loogic talks about Pixable (Spain) 28 JUL 2009

Pixable es una aplicacion que permite seleccionar fotografias disponibles para el usuario en redes y aplicaciones sociales como Facebook, Flickr y Picasa, disenar un album de fotos en papel y enviarlo a imprimir. "Go to Ar

Kabytes covers Pixable (Argentina) 28 JUL 2009

Con Pixable podremos imprimir de una forma muy simple los álbumes de fotos que tenemos en Facebook. Go to article!

Piensa-Geek covers Pixable (Mexico) 26 JUN 2009

Probablemente no han escuchado mucho de pero lo escucharan dentro de unos meses.

Pixable: audience favorite at Hit Barcelona 2009 05 JUN 2009

Pixable, an MIT startup, offers a fast, easy and creative way to turn your Facebook content into printed memorabilia. Go to article!