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Pixable: Your home for browsing, searching, editing, and enjoying photos from Facebook and beyond.



What is Pixable?
Pixable is an application available on the web, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch that aggregates your friends' photos from different sources and helps you browse, search, and keep track of the best ones.
Can I use Pixable as a guest without a facebook account?
While Pixable would like to be able to cater to everyone, the application requires a certain amount of data from each of it's users in order to be able to gather the photos in their networks and sites, therefore Pixable is unable to offer a Facebook free login feature at this time.
Do I need to register to use Pixable?
In order to save users' time and create a hassle-free process, there is no need to register to use Pixable. Thanks to "facebook connect" you can log-in to Pixable with your facebook account. Simply go to www.pixable.com and click on the "Login with Facebook" icon in the top right corner.
Is Pixable limited to Facebook content?
Not in the least bit! Pixable also allows you to view content from other photo repository sites like Flickr and Instagram as well as videos your friends have shared from places like Youtube and Vimeo.
How are the "best" photos determined?
Pixable's WonderRank technology analyzes dozens of variables such as likes, comments, and tags to rank and sort photos.
Can I control the content that appears in my feeds?
The best photos are determined through a variety of factors including the number of likes and comments on them, as well as your interactions within your social networks; however, you may teach Pixable which people you prefer to see photos of by clicking on the + and - buttons below the photo.
Can you edit photos on Pixable?
Pixable uses Aviary's feather editor, so you can edit pictures directly within the application. Just click the edit button on the bottom left of the photo and you'll have the ability to add stickers, filters, and adjust certain elements like the contrast and brightness.
Is it possible to share photos you find on Pixable?
Pixable allows users to email, tweet, and Facebook post photos from the application by clicking the share icons located at the bottom right of the photo.
What does following a friend mean?
When you follow a friend, Pixable will notify you when your friend has uploaded or been tagged in a new photo. Notifications can be sent via e-mail or push notifications and are also seen the next time you login with the number of unseen photos next to your friends' name. By following your close friends, you'll never miss a photo you care about.
Can I look through a particular album?
Yes, at any point you can click on the title of the album in the header to browse through photos of an album. Also, by clicking on a specific friend from the Home screen or search bar you will be taken to a list of that friends' albums.
How can I unsubscribe from a Pixable newsletter?
Unsubscribing is easy! Simply click the "unsubscribe" link in the bottom of any of our emails.

Customer Support

Is there a phone number where I can reach Pixable?
We currently don't have a Pixable support phone number. Please see our Help page for more information on contacting us. We respond to all mail within 36 business hours.
Are you interested in hearing my product ideas?
We love hearing new ideas! Please send us an email to feedback@pixable.com with anything you have on your mind. In fact, if you're up to it, we invite you to come to our SoHo office and speak about it in person over a cup of coffee. (We also have snacks!)


By using Pixable, do others have access to my photos?
Not at all. Pixable is simply a way for you to view the photos you already have access to in an easier and more fun way. All Facebook privacy settings are maintained, and Pixable in no way enables other users to view photos that they do not already have access to.
Why does Pixable ask permission to use information related to my Facebook account?
Pixable needs permission to access your friends photos and other information in order to display and rank the photos and well as sort them into personalized categories. Pixable does not share any of this information; we take your privacy seriously.
Is Pixable compliant with Facebook platform policy?
We take pride in our relationship with Facebook. Because of this, we absolutely comply with all Facebook platform policies.
Where can I find the Pixable Terms and Conditions?
You can find Pixable Terms and Conditions in the link located at the bottom of pixable.com.
Will Pixable pull and share information from my Facebook account without my permission?
Absolutely not; that would be against Facebook regulations.
Should I be worried that Pixable will disclose my information?
Pixable takes the privacy of our customers very seriously. You can be confident we will not disclose the information we receive from you or Facebook at any point.